#fashion #usa #quirky #controversial #usflag “Fashions Made In America!” by Douglas Says

2012 is a year steeped with political rhetoric. Politicians are claiming this, declaring that, blaming each other while requesting more from us. Yet underneath all the fuss is just us. Your every day Americans… who are waiting on a political promise of more jobs that are made in America. ?Well, one soft-spoken American expressed without words, a vision to do something about it!

Designer Douglas Says presented his Fall 2012 fashions with his opening theme displaying patriotic fashions. In the spirit of Old Glory, Fashion Designer Douglas Says… FASHIONS MADE IN AMERICA!

America was built on what America has built. So, I think it’s really sad that our manufacturing resources in New York’s garment district are no longer of convenience. Everything is practically invisible now. They’ve forced everybody out! If Americans start supporting more US made products it would bring back jobs and put a lot of food on a lot of American people’s tables. Ya know, I’m really not very political, though I do make sure I go out to vote. And I do believe in President Obama’s efforts…”

#usflag #obama #controversial #fashion

Mr. Says literally has a patriotic frame of mind, as displayed by the leggy models that cascade onto the runway. Each model steps through a ten foot silver frame before presenting garments that reflect old glory.

A small collection of red, white and blue dresses complete with stars and strips open the Douglas Says presentation. “I’m patriotic about my country and I was inspired by President Barack Obama’s comments during his State of the Union Address.

Obama said, “We need to out innovate, out educate and out build the rest of the world".

Our President is demanding a tall order from us all. So I’ve adopted the “Made In America” mission as my mission. My humble beginnings started in the African-American community where fashion and accessories have always been iconic products. So, what is a better opportunity for fashion enthusiast to express American patriotism than to wear our colors with fashions made in America?

Initially, this was fabric that literally sat in the fabric store window for years. I purchased it for another purpose, to use as a muslin. Then I had the idea of creating a couple of junior pieces with it and call it “The Presidents Wife” to use in a pictorial photo series. ?I traditionally create with jersey knit, not cotton. I use jersey knits to create stylish fashions for the everyday woman. Jersey knits are luxurious as it barely grazes your curves. One secret I’ll offer about jersey knit garments is that it works fabulous as a travel collection because it’s practically wrinkle free. It’s an American made fabric that is known for it’s comfort and fit.

Most Designers find it difficult to work with, but I’m right at home with jersey knit fabric. I also design for full-figured women and I’ve titled that collection “Plus-U“. One of my goals is to try to remove old taboos about stretch fabrics like jersey knits. There is a notion that knits are unkind to full-figured body types. Like everything else, the fabric just has to be custom cut with your body in mind! I’m totally aware that real women have curves. We Designers need to accept that fact and lend a helping hand in complimenting those curves. It’s unnecessary to hide, deny or flat out ignore your figure! So I’m finally able to answer those calls… which have become full shout-outs!

#usflag #obama #controversial #fashion

Fashion designer Douglas Says is presenting women with two gifts; his patriotic flair, and his signature style... without compromising comfort. All found in a product-line that's made in America.

As a Designer I can’t pretend not to hear or see customer’s request for stylish plus size fashions. I’m always educating myself about my customer’s need, as well as learning what possible innovations I can apply using US made fabrics to meet these needs. These women can enjoy quality and style that’s American made”!

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