Barbados Polo – Deejay saved my Life? Gero makes Lion Castle roar! #barbadospolo #unitedkingdom #nissanbarbados #bulova #barkeeping #discotheque

There’s not a problem that I can’t fix
‘Cause I can do it in the mix
And if your man gives you trouble, just move out on a double
And you don’t let it trouble your brain
‘Cause away goes trouble down the drain

#nissanbarbados #bulova #barbadospolo #unitedkingdom #patrisgero

Patris may have started on Vinyl but on this night he made CD's and a laptop seem like 33's and 45's! (Ask your parents what those are)

This may seem rather trite but never underestimate the power of a DJ, the bar service was very slow at the finale of the First Citizens Barbados Open, but most forgave it as Patris Gero from St Barth’s had the place pumping and gyrating from Grannies to Grandkids and all between! Stephen Lashley, Minister Of Sports, was there sipping in the club, quite late – looking very gangsta’ in his sunglasses at night!

#barbadospolo #unitedkingdom #nissanbarbados #bulova #barkeeping #discotheque

Um, hello? There are people all AROUND the bar, and not just at one end? HELLO?

The man is an absolute beast for mixing and swerving from one era to another without missing a beat – he went from Prince‘s Kiss to Aretha Franklin‘s “R.E.S.P.E.C.T” then Ja Rule‘s version of Stevie Wonder‘s Do I Do? Hell to the yeah! Bop yo’ butt to the beat, fo’shizzle! Later in the night the dude went from Sinatra‘s New York, New York to Fifty Cent‘s In The Club, no lie!

#barbadospolo #unitedkingdom #nissanbarbados #bulova #barkeeping #discotheque

It was a truly rollicking set of chukkas, where most of the Tournament had you guessing!

This is not the first time we’ve had a blast at the St Thomas estate, and the action was very fierce which led up to the musical celebrations…

#barbadospolo #unitedkingdom #nissanbarbados #bulova #barkeeping #discotheque

Many Bajans from all sides of society were there, but most need some consideration - no matter where I stood they complained, how the &%^$# do I get a shot, then? Use Harry Potter's Invisible Cloak? I know you're trying to see, but I am making a living, bee-yatch!

Unfortunately, we were late for the preliminary bout, but here’s a synopsis from our friendly neighbourhood coverage via Fontabelle;-

Earlier in the afternoon’s subsidiary final, Range Rover held off a spirited performance from First Group to also register a 5-4 win.

Max Charlton scored all four goals for First Group, but they were cancelled out by strikes from Range Rover’s Danny Atwell, who scored three goals and Simon Crotto, who scored two.

#barbadospolo #unitedkingdom #nissanbarbados #bulova #barkeeping #discotheque

Jack Kidd totally at ease as, I think, it was Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance" played...

The Polo Times barely scraped the iceberg of the real cause célèbre;-

Burly Brits Oli Taylor and Jack Kidd propelled CIBC First Caribbean to victory in the First Citizens Barbados Open…

CIBC First Caribbean’s Teddy Williams and Jack Kidd avenged the disappointment of their defeat in the 2011 Barbados Open final with victory in the 2012 final as the sun set on Lion Castle Polo Field… They produced a dominant display against Sir Charles Williams‘ superbly mounted Bulova side, featuring Englishman Dave Allen, and lifted the trophy with a 5-4 win.

#barbadospolo #unitedkingdom #nissanbarbados #bulova #barkeeping #discotheque

"Earlier in the afternoon’s subsidiary final, Range Rover held off a spirited performance from First Group to also register a 5-4 win." Roddy Williams of First Group {3rd from left if counting from Sports Minister Stephen Lashley raising Trophy, he's right next to Courtesy's Marketing Manager, Catherine} would like to bring Arena polo to Barbados and is currently scouting around...

The real story was when this victory led to a very vigorous bar-counter dance from Jack Kidd, when he eventually skidded on the marble top, strangely enough it was during Rihanna‘s Man Down? LOL!

#barbadospolo #unitedkingdom #nissanbarbados #bulova #barkeeping #discotheque

With a walloping Handicap of 6, UK's Dave Allen receives an accolade as MVP for his crew while his Captain Jeff Evelyn applauds his delight

I was amazed to see Bruce Bayley at Lion Castle, his jaw with stitches and bandages and a bottle of Zephyrhill’s at the ready, but glad to learn he’s quickly mended – he truly believes in the old adage about falling off a horse!

#barbadospolo #unitedkingdom #nissanbarbados #bulova #barkeeping #discotheque

Stewart Gill (Teddy's right) watches Teddy Williams holding the B'dos Open trophy while Jack Kidd (Teddy's left) and Oli Taylor (Jack's left) share a joke, luxuriating in the win

BTW? I may tout the benefits of frugal living, especially these days, but do not stint when it comes to Batteries for your camera, I recently encountered AA’s at 4 for $2 and snatched up about 10 packs… I nearly went through all at polo, my Nikon ate them like Tic Tac’s, I should have known it was too good to be true, eh? Coolpix are meant to use Alkalines, not even recyclables are the best for the little workhorses, no shortcuts again!

Thank God I had my Curve 8900 with me, Blackberry saves the day! Otherwise I’d be like the timepiece who went up against First Caribbean CIBC, and no photos? Man, I’d surely be… Ahem!

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