Bajan Reporter removes older content from Grenada Real Estate impasse: Developer says search engine listings hurt sales…

In the past, when we started off as a wee tadpole of a News-Blog before evolving into content more suited as a Web Magazine or an Online Newspaper, there was a nasty clash with Ocean Park. The obsolete fish mausoleum threatened to haul us off to court if we didn’t remove our PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE & LINKS TO SCANNED DOCUMENTS which showed the facility’s denizens were doing the opposite of what zoos usually do with formerly wild creatures…

Meaning? Normally, animals and most other creatures when removed from regular dangers and maintained better than their previous environment have a tendency – more often than not – to outlast their cousins who remain “in the ghetto” so to speak… But at Ocean Park, the mortality rates were stupendous!

Oh by the way, if Ocean Park’s former administrators or staff threaten us again? We not only have digital photographs and scanned lists of how many creatures did not last so long, we also have print-out’s of emails etc. We brought it up to say, since our identity is up front (as a means of providing a credible source for stories brought forth and also we do believe in the concept of Integrity, even if we get threats for having another view still & all, we WILL drag Barbados into the 21st Century whether they like it or not), and our Legal Defense Funds are somewhat meagre plus if reasonable process can be listed, we do take such matters in consideration if potent.

We also have to bear in mind how the Caribbean’s slander & libel laws for the most part, are archaic and tend to favour the rich or employers, as was shown when Media Houses in Barbados carried a case all the way to the CCJ over a song which satirised the poultry practices of a company – even though news stories vindicated the spoof? The owner was madd and fought the case from about 1989 until the final victory was rammed down the collective throat of the Media Houses. Even though they had truth, the fact was since the data hurt the business then they had to capitulate based on how the laws operate in this part of the world… As Barbados Free Press love to shout; “ONLY ‘BOUT HEY SO!


Ex-Camper & Nicholson's - Bru Pearce, took all the time & effort to call Bajan Reporter from chilly England, made sure to look up my Cell and then ask me for my name, LOL!

Along comes Bru Pearce almost 2 years after the last time we mentioned him, he was one of the folk involved in the Lagoon Park dispute in St George’s; the other side is Sandra Ferguson of the Environmental persuasion – her group being “Citizens in Defence of Grenada’s Lands and Heritage” which is quite a mouthful!

Bru is very insistent, even so far as calling me on my Mobile, OMG! Here’s what he says;-

The Bajan Reporter has chosen to post a number of articles by Sandra Ferguson of Grenada and although I appreciate that most of them come with a disclaimer which is well understood by people in the Caribbean and Grenada in particular. To the outside reader they can cause some serious confusion. Printed material appearing once within the region is one thing a permanent posting on the internet is another.

Your Posts


{Ed’s Note – One of the pictures submitted with this article claims to have a sewerage tank near a dwelling, the object looks very much like a rainwater reservoir to us, we therefore use the visual with the proverbial salt-pinch, in addition – views expressed in this item do not necessarily reflect or uphold the tenets of Bajan Reporter}



Once again here is a fiery epistle from Sandra Ferguson concerning Lagoon Park and its Dramatis Personae, these views expressed are not exactly a mirror of the philosophy of The Bajan Reporter – this is merely an opportunity to allow a Caribbean neighbour to rant and deliver objections for circumstances she believes should be different;-

{This becomes} damaging when other parties are (conducting) due diligence through internet searches and I am tired of having to explain them away when the question is bought up. Worse is the unknown damage where a parties view may have been colored by what they read.

I should therefore be grateful if you could remove the post from your server and perhaps you would be kind enough to communicate with me over any future post in which my name is used by Sandra Ferguson or any of her associated societies.

I trust that we can then let matters rest.

If your paper wishes to communicate with me in a professional manner over any of the projects that I am actively promoting then I will of course be happy to share information with you.

Yours faithfully,

Bru Pearce


Salcombe UK
Skype Name brupearce

Ok, me again now – I highlighted in RED since that sounds suspiciously like ” … show me your stories before you print…” SERIOUSLY? I MEAN, REALLY? AM I YOUR STAFF, BUB?

Are your fingers broken? Or do you need a new prescription of spectacles? Do you not SEE the Comments box under every story? If so, can you NOT type in or have your secretary issue a post on your behalf? Barbados Free Press gets that all the time!

People? The man hinted I would get his POV if I remove the entries first! I deliberately waited to see what was going on, at the risk of being BRUtally frank? If he did not provide a sufficiently valid counterpoint then I would have given him 48 hours before I restore the items in full! Now I am removing the content, but not the titles nor the disclaimers which he acknowledges and accepts by his own admission… BUT THE STORIES COME BACK HERE! People deserve to know WHY, plus why mess up a good search link?

So Bru may have reached a bit further than he intended, but he added some balance to a story which we carefully monitor (Sandra can get quite passionate now & then, and provide assessments of Developer principals which would leave me open to other severe reprimands if I did not exercise some due process in Editing), and here’s his Update;-

  • Dear Ian,

It’s a pleasure to be in touch with you. Further to my last e-mail re the two SF articles these are very old and things have moved on. Port Louis is well loved by yachts men and Grenadians and the Lagoon looks far better than it did when it was dominated by the Ross scrap yard and the ruined buildings of GYS. It’s an important economic generator and the C&N marina is a success story for Grenada. That said I am happy to enter the fray on new and current topics.

I have been out of C&N for nearly four years and now working on other projects. I am promoting the opportunity of developing a University Hospital Town for Grenada rather than a golf course on the Mount Hartman site. This would create a wide array of jobs and educational opportunity and diversify the economy building on the existing success of SGU and secure new market opportunities.

A school of earth sciences, alternative energy and environmental studies is proposed as part of the project, all skill sets that will be in high demand as climate change issues become ever more critical. Diversifying into long stay tourism where typical visits are 3 to 12 weeks rather than 5 days to two weeks greatly reduces the carbon bed cost due to reduced demand on flights. A student bed has about 10% of the emissions cost of the average hotel bed.

If you picked up on the Sustainable Nation Foundation papers you will see that we where promoting waste to energy, geothermal and predicting rising carbon taxes on air flights.

My business includes interests in a production company making a series of cutting edge films on climate change and researching this has given us access to some of the latest data on climatic tipping points. Of which the loss of arctic sea ice and the increasing releases of methane hydrates is the most alarming see We will be with them at their next presentation to the All party committee on climate change on the 13th March. It will be interesting to see how 130 British MP’s react to what they have to say.

So? While you read this item, renovations will be almost complete at the articles requested and NO OTHERS

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  1. Dear Ian,
    Many thanks the above post. You have missed read me on just one issue; I’m not asking to see what you write before you post it. I think that would be wholly unreasonable for any newspaper editor. My request is and was that if you do make a post I would really appreciate it if you would be kind enough to send me an e-mail and let me know that there is a post to go and read. That way I shall be able to respond in a timely manner and ensure that I am able to give you my take on any story.
    Yours faithfully
    Bru Pearce


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