St James North Run Off: Edmund Hinkson wins Barbados Labour Party riding

There were easily 2,000 adherents to the BLP’s gathering at St Alban’s over the weekend, who attended a heretofore unknown Run Off to establish a Candidate for a previously blooded MP in the House Of Assembly.

Many times have I said here on this website how Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results - so is changing from Bees to DEM's going to solve anything? Is it not time a new answer was formulated? Be it Independent, if not a new 3rd Party??

Rawle Eastmond, St James North (SJN) MP, decided not to resume his nomination for a seat he held in five previous elections, both under DEM’s & Bees, and was not available for Media Comment despite numerous agencies seeking to reach the embattled supporter of Mia Mottley, the former Opposition Leader of Barbados who’s known for her use of Technology, Social Media& Grass-roots interaction to maintain a strong presence among the Barbadian electorate.

In this video you’ll see the many supporters of both Douglas Skeete and Edmund Hinkson. The fight for the riding was apparently not too clean since there were claims from the Hinkson camp that someone sent a direct mail to constituents where a 15-point list including disparaging remarks on medical conditions of other candidates was broadcast much to the displeasure of SJN’s BLP populace.

Even these simple wooden boxes were given Star Treatment for the Run Off, what if the BLP did a mock-up and let every person in the district vote rather than Proportional Delegates, has it even been tried?

In fact, when Skeete went to offer a Concession speech at the podium of the West Coast school, he was almost booed from the stage were it not for the stern admonishment of Party Chairman, Jerome X. Walcott

Dissatisfaction also came form the number of mistakes made by George Griffith as Results Announcer when delivering the returns on each ballot box, some media representatives were beginning to wonder if claims made by Rawle Eastmond of voter padding were true as almost each Lettered Box (A to B; C to D; F to H, etc.) had some error – however, despite 3 spoiled ballots – the overwhelming majority went to the Young Attorney as opposed to the Veteran Accountant.

Mr Hinkson's address was rather simple and even deferential to Rawle Eastmond - he said he was not looking to oust an MP from his own side but to ensure the constituency remained safely with BLP interests

After the Candidacy was secured in the eyes of the current Party Machinery, there was a big surprise when Clyde Mascoll sang an Introduction to precede Owen Arthur’s address.

The song was unexpected at many levels – it was not known by most BLP supporters that Mascoll has a pleasant tenor, what amazed more was that he lauded Arthur {as voluminously as Lionel Craig sucked up to the late Tom Adams when he shouted “HOW GREAT THOU ART” in Parliament decades ago during a Budget debate} despite the enormous slur Arthur laid on Mascoll shortly after his defection from the DLP to the Bees. Arthur, at the time, stated that Mascoll is merely a “political Quisling” yet now he ranks Mascoll as an Economist almost parallel in stature to Arthur himself.

Ex-Agriculture Minister Anthony Wood clapping the shoulder of a beaming Edmund Hinkson as the last box was barely finished counting with results immediately apparent

Is the reason Arthur did not install Mascoll to run for St James North because he does not deem it as a safe seat? Or is it only because Mascoll has not had enough time to establish his presence in this riding? If Arthur wants to see the former head of the DEM’s hold a sinecure somewhere, it has to be by November this year if Elections are yet to be summoned – unless he plans to keep Mascoll in thrall with a paltry offering of contributing via the Upper Chamber?

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  1. Great coverage. A lot of Bees will hate you. I am sending it to some pals abroad & also sharing in Facebook. I can only remind you to move carefully, thank you for your honesty!

  2. Eddie? Now you’ve got your work cut out for you, sir! Can you pick up where Rawle let down?

  3. Utter shit. Highly derogatory of out best leader since Grantley. I look forward to Owen handling you when he returns to power.

  4. Spot on! I simply want to give a huge thumbs up for the good fight you’ve made here on this post. I know I will probably be voting for no one however, since both Owen and Freundel annoy me.

  5. you want raquel to come for you? she gine let loose pun you on she fb. you know she always picking for a fight and looking for somebody to criticise. she need to look at she self first. stupid yard fowl that she is. can’t think for she self. blind loyalty to a party.

  6. The 15 point letter made me vote for Hinkson but I don’t really know if I can vote this elections? I think Barbados reached a cross roads, it is really time for a new Party to offer something new apart from us switching so all the time?

  7. It’s only going to become more obvious: The gang of five have all the power in the hive, and they’re no longer afraid to use it. If Arthur could deposit a cheque as PM and not be held accountable, who’s to say he won’t try jailing protesters if Barbados becomes a Republic? Is it really such a stretch of the imagination, when you consider what he get away with before?

  8. After reading all the vitriol here… Should anyone not understand why Arthur cannot return?

  9. i heard about this, there are those who claim a senior partner from gwp assoc’s spent some good stuff to try and pimp skeete but a letter which was supposedly anonymous shot themselves in the foot? plus who wants a teetotaller? in buhbaydoss?? 🙂


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