Former Tourism Minister Urges Barbados Labour Party Candidates to go to Work

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) riding of St James South was in for a rare treat when listening to the advice and experiences of Sir Richard “Johnny” Cheltenham, not only a former Tourism Minister under both the late Tom Adams but also with the current Opp. Leader Owen Arthur – he spoke recently at Queen’s College, in what was basically a call to arms for impending elections. Sir Richard reminded supporters how Arthur served a faithful 28 years of stewarding the Party, and since the ex-PM is getting on (Sir Richard’s words) the younger Candidates must step up their game.

Sir Richard, while addressing Queen's College's Auditorium reminded, all potential BLP Candidates they need to know every nook and cranny of their Boundaries of their constituency!

However, his observance of Arthur at the BLP’s helm was a left-handed compliment as attested when he pointed to the St Peter MP’s seniority {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Cheltenham reminded the Next Generation of BLP Candidates how Owen Arthur is not getting any younger, and therefore they need to create their own ideas and not expect the Leadership to provide all accoutrements for them to go and canvass among voters.

While ‘Johnny‘ sees his Party must speak as one unit, the former Ch Ch East MP chided as a possible reference to an ongoing rift between Mia Mottley (the initial Opp. Leader after the BLP’s 2008 20/10 seat landslide against them – all under Arthur) and the St Peter MP, Cheltenham also reminded the large gathering that Leaders must have room for disagreeing POV’s even if disagreeable to their Strategy.

The turnout was modest, between 500 to 750, nowhere near the thousands who gathered for the St James North Run-Off the week before!

Apart from desiring to see a task force against the purported scourge of Marijuana (bearing in mind alcohol and cigarettes are legalised drugs) created within the first 100 days of Office if Re-Elected, the former Ch Ch East MP admonished potential candidates who are not pulling their weight to devise ideas to use as policy for the next Manifesto and not simply wait to see what Elders or Owen Arthur may conceive of at a given moment {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The BLP must pre-brief Candidates before they canvas on issues, for situations which potential voters will demand answers on to see if the BLP deserves another chance at running Barbados’ affairs.

Sir Richard added by welcoming opposing viewpoints, one shows your strength as a Leader, this could be a potential reference when the subsequent predecessor to Dale Marshall for the riding of St Joseph held titanic public battles with then PM Arthur to get roads in the East Coast parish paved, frustrated with what seemed like stonewalling – Sir Richard eventually exited elective politics for resuming an illustrious career in representing prominent cases in Nevis, Antigua and Trinidad.

Ever a master strategist, "Johnny" realised when he started quoting Lenin he was being a little too literary for his gathering and changed his approach in mid-speech.

Sir Richard stated his willingness to continue assisting the BLP, and be a Guest Lecturer even for Elections – but the younger Candidates must also place their shoulders to a what he thinks will be a hot ploughshare this Election. He feels it will be like 1991 when there was a battle for every single seat.

In looking at what younger Candidates are doing or not, he remonstrated Lynette Eastmond for appearing to be lax in campaigning for St Philip West, in the former MP’s View an MP should be capable of running for any riding. Reminding the people at Queen’s College he originally started out as representing Ch Ch East before handling the seat of St Joseph.

Sen. Kerrie Symmonds did not learn from Sir Richard's mistake of making too intellectual a reference and the first portion of his speech was so boring while I understood it, yet I began to nod off during the rather droney delivery.

As further demonstration of his concern, he cited how former Chief Justice Sir David Simmons started in St Philip North then eventually presided over St Thomas after the death of Tom Adams in 1985. In this way, Sir Richard stated, any true MP can look out for Barbados and not just get sweets from Politics.

Eddie Hinkson of St James North (after Rawle Eastmond's incumbency expires) was given a somewhat paltry 7 minutes to address the crowd, showing a similar cleverness like Sir Richard, he told participants he was heading for his own gathering that same evening - not surprisingly during Symmonds and Mascoll's talks many left, probably to see what the new Rep had to say on his own riding

Johnny‘ told the Auditorium at QC that when one goes in a riding for canvassing supporters, one does not merely ask for a vote – there is a science and a psychology to engendering the necessary prerequisite to have residents throw their ballot towards one’s cause. Watch the video above for a truly insightful methodology…

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