Barbados Labour Party told to Heal yet no Surgery nor Prescription Offered

Owen Arthur insists the BLP, which has undergone a crisis in Leadership since October 18 in 2010, must heal itself in time for General Elections which are constitutionally due by April 2013.

As a Doctor, medical folk have a right to advise when a situation is less than 100% - However, there are Patient's Rights where those seeking attention also have a say as to how treatment will be administered. This Parallel was drawn to show where the BLP solution is lacking, Owen says "HEAL!" offers no prescription nor surgery yet expects a full recovery, is that logical? Shouldn't there be some form of compromise? My way or Highway? Really!

Arthur made the plea at an unprecedented Run Off held at St Alban’s Secondary over the weekend, gesticulating in a manner redolent of Hitler, equally reinforced by a slim moustache and muscular vocals – the former PM who was defeated in a landslide in 2008; he urged people to reconcile all sides of the BLP and to accept that two individuals cannot mend the affairs of a Political Party administered by a Constitution.

As I understood it, voting was to start at 5:00 pm yet it did not commence until about 5:42 pm - voting set to close at 7:00 pm yet was later announced as concluding by 7:30 pm, is that what the trio here mulling over? {L to R: Pat Parris, Jerome Walcott & George Griffith}

(The ex-Leader was making a veiled reference to Former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley’s plea to negotiate a way forward to avoid the Run Off which would essentially reduce the current Opposition’s standing by one seat, many see the ploy as an effort by Arthur to punish Eastmond {who held St James North for 5 Terms unopposed until now, Arthur basing his claim how Eastmond in 2008 did not wish to run but 4 years later, stated a renewed interest in campaigning once again} for supporting Mottley in her bid to retain the reins of leading the BLP into the next victory at the Polls…)

Politics requires a strength known to a select few, imagine chumming up with a rival whose supporters would think NOTHING of smearing you or your abilities?

Arthur then stated such diversions will only fuel the ruling DLP to use the schism as ammo for Elections which may come at any moment, as if the man who called Clyde Mascoll a “Political Quisling” (referring to the then DLP Opposition Leader’s shift to the then ruling BLP), seems to have inside knowledge when Barbadians will next be called to vote for a new Government?

The school was burst! Now, Rawle Eastmond claimed there DEM's among the new list for the Run Off, which is why he didn't run - if you see any DLP rank & file in this photo, then you should email the Bajan Reporter ASAP!

Using the DLP as a fulcrum to shift the audience’s attention away from the ever widening gap between his Old Guard policies and Mottley’s New Age Social Media stance, Arthur then revealed it is the DEM’s intention to spend at least Half A Million dollars on a special 20-20 Cricket tournament just before or after the Crop Over festival later this year between the June to August period.

It was nice to see Raquel Gilkes behaving professionally for a change instead of cussing opposing views as she does on Barbados Underground or Facebook, but the next time they use George Griffith as a Results Announcer? Make sure he has his contacts in, way too many goofs!

The St Peter MP, who self demitted his Tour of Duty as Opposition Leader in 2008 after a massive drubbing from the Bajan Electorate, also sought to divert attention using the DLP’s policies by looking at initiatives from Bridgetown MP – Patrick Todd; which Arthur claims were originally based on BLP concepts to provide a $10,000 per residence to benefit renovations in the City area…

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  1. I see you have a habit of comparing Arthur to Hitler – “redolent” is a favourite phrase for you. Yet no one is to speak of your weight, Bourne. What about the total jobby you populate the net with?

  2. You claim Payne was not there. I was outside moving about and found him trying hard to urge people to choose Skeete. This decision can undo Owen’s plans, if Rawle resigns then a bye would have to be called or if Freundel is sick of it all as you implied in another column, then the Bell may finally ring – you will really have your hands full then, LOL šŸ˜‰

  3. Mr Bourne, do you know I used to believe in you? So glad CBC fired you

  4. Hey, are you aware that it’s time for Rawle to go? Do you remember him calling Brass tacks and speaking gibberish? I guess its ok for an ill man who philanders to handle the affairs of his constituents!!

  5. Medford, you are a coward who even masks your own IP – however, I left CBC for Sanitation not the other way around, the difference between Mangrove and the Station is the Landfill can’t talk back

  6. who cares about a few journal-asses stupid comments. bribes are so common in politics they give them innocent sounding names like “donations.” a legal bribe system is easy for gangsters to manipulate, when some one like thompson (best friends to parris with fondle & both kissed CLICO’s a**) make way more from business than bajan tax payers, who are they going to really help? bribes redirect spending from real priorities to scams. so what bourne says is not only a waste, it sabotages real priorities! it will still be owen to rescue us in the end!

  7. I thought that Owen’s power ploy in Oct 2010 was so bad that no one could be worse. But Walcott’s determination in ignoring Skeete’s flaws, allowing thousands of letters to residents and backfiring any chance Skeete had makes you wonder whose head will roll for that goof?



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