Barbados Investors & Policyholders Alliance bans Bajan Reporter: Is CLICO winning?

The CLICO Barbados war is getting very heated now and the Bajan Reporter is a casualty, not in a way expected yet not so surprising – BIPA’s lawyer via third parties requested me to remove a video I had from one of their meetings. No big deal, I replaced it with a Q&A session from the members…

{AT FAR END OF PHOTO} Trinidad's Peter Parmell addresses BIPA in 2011 - the Twin Island Alliance has way more members, they number in the thousands and they have been aggressive from the start!

Now understand, when I go to a BIPA meeting – I am snapping more pictures than the Amazing Neighbourhood Peter Parker, but hang on… In fact for fairness, here’s what they said;-

I got a very distressing called last night from the niece of Sir Phillip Greaves regarding his comments raised at our last meeting. Her concern was the spin you put on his comments and the fact that he was recorded and put on the www without his knowledge.

I had also raised this issue with you a few weeks ago regarding the same issue with what Tariq shared with members at that same meeting.

Ian, we love that you support us and we know that, that support is genuine but BIPA members’ meetings are private and that is why we do not invite the press. When you come, it is usually you alone and we acknowledge your presence as a “friend of BIPA”. However, to record our entire meetings and at selective times put what we share in those meetings online for the world to see is upsetting and deceptive to the unsuspecting member and the organization as a whole.

We produce our own press releases and distribute to the media what we want the public to know. Our meetings allow members to share from their hearts without fear or favour and to share those moments with the world is almost unforgiveable but we have forgiven you and have decided that you will not be allowed to attend any further meetings of BIPA unless we invite the media.

  • Now, what BIPA conveniently left off, since it was only conveyed verbally and therefore can only be construed as “he said/she said” drama, is that Media were invited for their 1st February session, but only at the last minute (only MOI arrived, which was cool with me as it meant EXCLUSIVE). In addition, I TOLD their Public Relations, the angle I am looking at is what Sir Philip said! I was not asked by their PR to ignore or overlook his significant comment.

Apart from that, here’s what I informed them;-

Considering I have a large Tripod and put my Nikon Camera on it to make a video of the proceedings in plain sight of all, and when I place my Voice Recorder by the speaker of the Public Address and no one challenges me as to the purpose of such recordings, PLUS since I make no play of hiding any effort to record these meetings, I therefore find your stance rather shocking.

In addition, I also constantly mention my website and its link at your meetings, the audience is fully aware then my website is an Online newspaper – it seems now that under advisement, the group is now running scared and looking to administer damage control after the fact.

BIPA Chair June Fowler at Left; at Podium their Attorney, Tariq Khan - Maybe Oz can do for them what he did for the Lion?

As you point out and freely admit, I have not sought to be an Enemy but an Ally – if your group feels rolling over and showing their belly to CL Financial, Government and whoever else is in their best interests, I can only wish you good luck in your endeavours.

By issuing this correspondence to me without any hint of sanctions is cowardly, reprehensible and far worse, sad… Leroy Parris at al. don’t even have to set their attorneys on you, you’re doing it yourselves!

  • Clarifying what I said in my last paragraph, at no point did BIPA’s executive give me a first or second warning – I was asked to hide a video for Legal reasons and I complied instantly; then when I subsequently carried Sir Philip’s remark (which I trailed for DAYS on Facebook, plenty of time for any BIPA Executive to call me out on it) at what was NOT stated as a CLOSED session via their advertising – they have asked me to list their meetings more than once on my Facebook wall, yet I am suddenly slapped like an infant or brushed off like an ungrateful employee?

Maybe I am stirring up too much anti-CL Financial sentiment? If BIPA is running scared, then how cohesive a force are they in representing their client’s needs when true pressure is yet to bear down?

I truly hope they find that strength, they’re really gonna need it, and in one heck of a hurry too! Because if who they’re batting against is barely flexing their muscles now, and they’re cringing now, what will happen at the Day Of Reckoning for all those Bajans who are looking to recover their money due them?

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