Barbados Elections: No Payne, No Gain? Arthur does not bite the bullet, no truce… Running Scared, By George?

This Sunday promises to be what many old-time Bajans call “cat-p*ss & pepper,” in the riding of St James North at St Alban’s Primary when a run-off appears imminent for a seat previously viewed as a sinecure for the Barbados Labour Party.

{FILE IMAGE} The alliance between St James North & St Michael North East is well known - if Elections are suspected soon, is this why MP Eastmond is suddenly in Coventry?

I do not envy Rawle Eastmond, last year was very rough for him, he’s an official diabetic whose sweetness is not questioned – many women feel he’s better than sugar… Some more than others. Now, Mr Eastmond has been instructed by Party Machinery (which is already under question for the methodology used to select the crew in charge of the Party) to go through a process to see IF he will run again for St James North.

Who would you rather vote for - a person who created the foreground for the current economic woes or a new leader with a heritage of guidance who offers a solution and not recalling old glories since washed away?

There is an old adage which states if an item is not broken why alter it? Granted when the 2008 elections were called there were rumours the St James North MP did not want to run, however did not Owen Arthur as PM insist for Rawle to continue so as to ensure the seat for the Party? What led to a change of heart over 48 months?

{FILE IMAGE} This seemingly amicable appearance was about 7 months ago, "FOOL ME ONCE..."

This kind of development never happened with the late Tom Adams… Perhaps he had better control of his equals? If Owen Arthur decided to bite the bullet and hold a peace summit with former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley would George Payne and the other ‘gang‘ members withdraw their support for the St Peter MP?

Bajans are speaking over how Mia sent a text message to Owen, then used the media to draw attention to the Eastmond crisis… This is not the first time nor the last, when an MP from Barbados or the Caribbean used TV, Radio or Print to accentuate a plight – Kenny Anthony as St Lucia’s Opposition Leader for Castries; Baldwin Spencer of Antigua while still a Trade Unionist & Guyana’s Prime Minister Samuel Hinds when at war with the President of that Republic all have graced CBC TV’s newsroom when they believed their homeland’s media services were denied them.

{FILE IMAGE} Imagine being called a "NEGROCRAT" or an "INDENTURED LABOURER" is this good Leadership? Where is the Politics of Inclusion?

The fact Ms Mottley used a text shows her up to date standard for technology, in the USA folks have been hired or sacked via SMS. But you would not see Barack Obama being called to task by the Tea Party in a Lecturer’s guest room at Yale or Harvard; so why would you seek to question Ms Mottley’s policies as Opposition Leader at UWI as opposed to Party HQ’s on Roebuck Street or at a conference room in Parliament maybe after hours? Where was the protocol in drubbing her at UWI then, where in the BLP’s constitution?

Indeed, many wonder if the true reasoning behind the desire to make Rawle face a Run Off (whose voters are also under question by MP Eastmond) is not really because when the October 18 coup of 2010 played out, not only Rawle but Trevor Prescod with Cynthia Forde openly expressed support of Ms Mottley… Are there not rumours how there were interests within the BLP who wished to remove Cynthia and replace her with Clyde “Quisling” (Owen’s phrase, not mine) Mascoll so as to guarantee a safe seat for the former DEM.

{FILE IMAGE: JAN. 2012} If one goes by the Biblical quote linked to PM Stuart's cryptic remarks at the Hilton in late January... Elections may well be just before or after Crop Over?

If Owen is arranging such things for those who he feels crossed him while in Opposition, what will Arthur do with everyone else if he should regain power as PM when next elections are called? Trust me folks, Elections are very soon – please note the following quote Freundel Stuart used when dodging David Leacock about monies due from 4 Seasons investing {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Is Stuart hoping new voting will remove responsibility from him? Is Barbados’ 7th PM expecting a Change in government or if the DEM’s avoid a One Term, then an abdication of Control? Why use this particular quote from Matthew in the New Testament? “Let this cup pass away from me

So if voting was called for at this very moment, the BLP would stand a poor chance of increasing their seat tally in Parliament – there are even some BLP Old Guard wondering if the machinations right now are to favour the DEM’s? If the DLP returns to office, the majority will be slim but assured – however, if the BLP gets a toehold however minor, will people have to leave Barbados like Reudon Eversley?

PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY had an appropriate summation;- "My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains. Round the decay | Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare..."

Is this true Leadership, or does it resemble a system which Mugabe, Noriega, Hosni Mubarak, Bashar Al-AssadMussolini, Saddam HusseinBig Brother, Dr Doom or Idi Amin appear very comfortable with? Punish those with differing views and reward sycophancy? Who would dare pose such a question? Will anyone listen? Go to St Alban’s this Sunday and demand answers as a true citizen of Barbados!

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  1. How much Mia pay you boy? So much sh*t, hope you get yours very soon.

  2. Bourne, if I choose to not list my real self that is my choice. You are a glory-hound, so you expose yourself. You make a poor attempt of infiltrating democracy with your unmannerly way. You always remind readers you control remarks so why publish mine?

  3. To show why the Owenites fail to hold Bajans attention for too long

  4. So? Nothing has changed. Owen will get in and then you will be out

  5. Oh my goodness! Karyn Medford, such honesty. Nevertheless I’m sure you are as petty as you imply. Don’t know why Ian bothers to fight such idiots, I salute you good sir. BTW – Is there anybody who cannot see how OSA is targetting Cynthia now? Anybody who is aware of kindly respond. Thx


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