“Anonymous” in Dominican Republic hacked online publication’s ‘Listin Diario’ server: This as Canada’s branch of Anonymous hunts down Cabinet Minister who wanted to change how the Internet operates

Today we just tickled the Listin Diario server” according to a message left by a group with the Twitter address of @RD_Anonymous as they admitted getting into the newspaper’s server, depriving readers of access for a few hours.

The group denied that it had “hacked” the website, only saying that it was the beginning of a campaign that would take place on Fridays.

{MEANWHILE IN CANADA?} A) Vic Toews' mistress was hired by the Government of Canada and paid with our tax dollars, | B) Vic used his former mistress and son as tools to paint himself as a devoted family man for political gain, and... | C) Vic Toews attempted to make it legal to steal the personal information of every Canadian citizen with an internet connection, including intimate details about their families.

While not giving any specific details, El Nuevo Diario said that they had received an e-mail message a few days earlier describing how the attacks would begin on 27 February.

The Anonymous group is quoted as saying that “We have witnessed how imperialism has taken away the freedom of expression. We are struck with the stick of your power and you have taught us who rules.”

The note ended by saying that “Anonymous only makes peaceful protests. Without violating intellectual rights.”


To go directly to the information release, skip ahead to 3:10. Send your Vikileaks to AnonymousCanada@hush.com. If you wish to remain anonymous yourself, it’s free and easy to make a disposable account there.

Email Vic directly & anonymously from the following link, and demand he step down – http://canadaforfreenet.x10.mx/

***Note: The phone numbers below can be dialed toll-free by calling via the Library of Parliament at 1-866-599-4999.***

Call Senator Terry Stratton and ask him if hiring Vic Toews’ (pronounced TAYS like DAYS) mistress and paying her salary with Canadian tax dollars was a political favour, or “just a coincidence“. You may even be able to ask Stacey Meek herself, if she’s the one who picks up! Call 613-947-2224 or email Stratt@sen.parl.gc.ca

Or ask Joyce Bateman, the MP Stacey Meek works for. Call 613-992-9475 or email Joyce.Bateman.c1@parl.gc.ca

Transcript here: http://pastebin.com/JbEFyGGh

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