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Why Barbadians prefer DVD’s – how Olympus Theatres disappointed many Bajans

Why Barbadians prefer DVD’s – how Olympus Theatres disappointed many Bajans

Queue 001

When Bajan Reporter started in 2006 we looked at how Olympus jacked their fees and why folk may prefer alternative options for visual distraction… Many thought while accurate, it was harsh, let’s see what happens barely six years later?

You hear of long lines to the bathroom, but usually AFTER a movie? This is trying to get food on 02/01/2012 well I wonder if there is even a Company's New Year's Resolution?

I left home at 8:45 pm for Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried in the futuristic “In Time” (great film, will do review soon) but they don’t start until 9:45 so, uh, yup… I have TIME to ‘kill‘?? So I head over to Chefette (do NOT start, it was a Bank Holiday and nowhere else except Horseshoe was open, more further in…) but they were crammed, especially the Drive Thru! Ok, no biggie, head for cinema, believing I’ll get a Hot Dog and large Pepsi before flick starts and have popcorn and a Snicker’s when it actually runs?

Famous Last Words, view it and weep, mein freunden

The line was so long, at any second I expected Alan Sheppard to appear from nowhere and go "HUNH!" But then this was no Congaline nor should it have been…

One Cashier? New Year’s Bank Holiday? Time to make money hand over fist? I asked two guards and they disappeared not to return so I sat at a table, whipped out a book and cocked up my feet (after I made sure to take visual evidence of the fiasco).

If I was asked am I not being unreasonable, I would have responded which is more unreasonable – me relaxing for an unnecessarily long queue or they’re not planning for staff calling in sick for a Public Holiday where no one secretly wishes to be on duty?

I say if the local staff want to stay home, call in undocumented Guyanese if need be! Dock the local staff a day’s pay and give that amount plus regular fee to the folk who have no problem serving (mind you, if these same slackers were in the USA or Britain, they’d make sure to work even if they had Chicken Pox)!

{FILE IMAGE} Sad thing is, if Olympus paid more attention to service, then Bajans would say the price is worth it – will Limegrove on the West Coast also fall the way of the Sheraton Cineplex?

Sadly, Olympus is not the only area with such malaise… I ended up heading for Lucky Horseshoe close to midnight and ordered a Volcano Burger – not impressed! Staff have little eye contact unless summoned to serve, when I was fairly regular there while at Sanitation? My drink barely gets to a last quarter and am asked if I’d like refill?

The burger itself no longer has an olive stuck with decorative toothpick and the bread is cut too thin so by the time I am halfway through? The bread is dissolved and disintegrating plus, since the waiter/bartender is not paying attention, I go the Men’s room to wash my hands off the surplus Lava sauce as I only get one napkin! Volcano burgers are inherently messy, either ask or give 3 serviettes without remark, it’s known as ensuring the customer wants to return?

Worthing and Sheraton Mall are not the only areas guilty of lapses, if you check Roti Hut in Lanterns Mall? It’s best to ask what’s available before ordering now, they do not overstock stews for late in the day in case a patron has a late lunch or early dinner, I went there twice for a late lunch and they had no beef for a roti and only chicken with bone. Believe it or not, IV Play Deli at Sheraton has been guilty of same!

Kentucky says "sogood" but one has to wonder – so good for Customers? Of so good for the franchisees to have suckers who accept such crap?

That is definitely not So Good, oops, did I say KFC‘s alleged mantra? It is not the first time Colonel Sander’s product has fallen short of my pleasure here, imagine asking for a Famous Bowl and being told the corn has to defrost? Hastings is the worst branch of KFC while the best of all branches is the one at Trident House in the City, they really try! But the standard formula for the fast food outlets is never set your heart on a particular meal, ask if so&so is available, if there is a wait have a back-up handy and a third option… If all fall down, and it happens a lot, then look for greener pastures (sic)!

Winter of Our Indigest? Why are all their Parfaits frozen solid? They make sure the corn is edible and not dessert?

I said this in a queue at Sheraton and when the second person went through the frustration I just predicted the third person ahead of me used my format and got their second choice, they looked at me with wide eyes and gave a stuttering thanks for the idea. That is part of the reason I have so far never had their breadless sandwich of two chicken breasts with cheese and bacon (sounds cholesterol dangerous, even for Lipitor) – I may hear the pigs are now being slaughtered and the cheese just got churned and is now aging!

Go to People’s Market just off Eagle Hall towards Green Hill, you can buy in bulk without a card and cook at home, Barbados! Save money! These days it is an imperative!

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  1. John Morgan Avatar

    So sorry to hear of your bad experience at Olympus that day. We continue (to try to) improve our service and speed up our lines so that your great experience is watching a movie rather than waiting around.
    John Morgan
    Managing Director

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