The Jeff Broomes Vs. Alexandra/BSTU Crisis where Children suffer: Is there another reason?

{CLICK FOR BIGGER - Facebook Comment} I will likely get kicked out of this group but I do not care since I did not ask to join, Jeff wants people to do their work not gallivant to movies and trips to other islands during Teachers Professional Week! He has some excellent DVD teaching aids for children wanting to pass the 11+ and if he shouts at teachers it's likely they are wearing too short a skirt or if male wearing a "Gal A Rush Me" on their scalp, who is the pupil and who is the instructor? Fire them and the BSTU, find young educators who really wish to WORK! I have spoken...

While at CBC I had an Assignmt’s Editor who drove me and all of us NUTZ, there was a Coup D’Etat to remove her… She was bossy and aggressive and kept at you until the story was written and did you have all sides? But younger reporters were vex at having to work odd shifts, etc. When she was re-assigned, the News gathering in the Dept was POORER than before! I say that to say while Jeff Broomes may appear a Gorillaphant, you may be allowing worse cans of worm to come to light!

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  1. You obviously do not have the full story.

    Are you aware that this is an issue ongoing from 2004?

    Are you aware that there were seven meetings that Mr. Broomes was summoned to and never attended?

    Are you aware that he lied about a teacher and defamed her character, a teacher with 29 years of service?

    Are you aware that he put a young lady a Ass. Degree in Culinary Arts to teach the same educator’s classes, Mind you these classes are Biology, Physics and Chemistry.and the teacher who was on mandatory terms leave and who also is head of department had to sit at the back of the class when she returned to school because Mr. Broomes told the young lady not to leave.

    I believe that there is some level of truth in the papers but now I know investigative journalism does not exist. Journalists only publish comments and opinions.

    Get your facts right and come again.

    Jeff needs to go!!!!!!!!!

  2. Actually? All 3 sides are at fault – the Instructors for letting it ride for so long; Broomes for not allowing “agree to disagree” within his crew & the Ministry for allowing the BSTU holding all secondary students in what seems to be a misguided hostage drama… Apart from which, it still remains odd how this protest only rears its head so close to when elections are almost mandatory, it remains equally odd the colour of choice is no stranger to the current Opposition – therefore? I will ask questions, no matter who likes or detests the interrogative!


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