Islamic neighbour cornerstone of Barbados’ YWCA initiative: UWI and Global Directories pump $30,000 into YWCA’s Breakfast Programme

Except perhaps for Trinidad, the Caribbean has the most peaceful and cooperative Muslims compared to the rest of the planet. Barbados especially has most of that laconic stock here – certain evidence of that was when the Medinah Foundation was respected as a main contributor to the YWCA’s Breakfast Club now in its 5th year…

Cross segment of the audience which included representatives from Robert's Manufacturing, Purity Bakeries and Chickmont Foods among others

I am sure there many Barbadians who are surprised when an Islamic community association donates and on a regular basis to a group who touts a religion which is not the same, I can tell you in Barbados more Christians are intolerant than their counterparts who acknowledge Allah.

Mohammed Lakhi is one of Medinah’s directors and has made donations before, not just the YWCA but to QEH in 2007, when this Web Magazine highlighted the service, no newspaper emphasised the deed at that time, in fact we were warned that Bajan Reporter may face sanctions by popular Islamophobe “Barbados FREE {sic} Press” and we continued to search for further good deeds from the group and it was only now when we relocated Mr Lakhi and the Foundation.

Sole participant in skullcap is Mr Lakhi of the medinah foundation, if you have a cause which you feel needs their attention? Please reach them;

I go so far as to venture forth and say the Medinah Foundation and a significant majority of Islamics in Barbados are nowhere near as fearsome and dangerous as Australia, Malaysia or Maldives – how can they be? Many convenience-stores which have Muslim owners, like those under the family trade name of “Sawh” are known to sell beers and hire Bajans to make, sell and serve souse to their Christian customers! They’re too busy making profits to wage any sort of Jihad in the name of the Prophet!

Apart from Medinah, the main contributors to the YWCA’s drive to feed 1,000 young Bajans per 15 schools daily would be Global Directories and the University of the West Indies. UWI provided via fundraising drives a surplus of $10,000 while GD also known as the popular Yellow Pages donated $20,000!

Cabinet Minister Sinckler is definitely passing a hint that elections will be this year... He was listing the YWCA's achievements almost as if he were the sole achiever in Deacons'??

Briefly addressing participants was Finance Minister Chris Sinckler who subbed for Freundel Stuart, Sinckler gave a concise speech and split as the Vote of Thanks concluded – what, no questions from li’l ol’ Media? Why not?? CLICO got your tongue???

President of the YWCA paying tribute to postal worker Jeffrey Browne for helping the Y when they were understaffed, etc.

During Sinckler’s remarks he observed how a primary school next door did well in the 11+ this year and while not a scientist nor a surveyor, couldn’t help but wonder if the victory as due in part to the President Marilyn Rice-Bowen {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Minister Sinckler observed the Breakfast Club is into its fifth anniversary and how Deacons’ Primary had a good crop of excellent marks, the school not only benefitting from the community initiative to ensure children had their morning victuals but the fact the YWCA also has a reading programme.

Pamela Roach of Global Directories presenting the major support for the YWCA to Treasurer Jennifer Hinkson

YWCA President Bowen also made a plea to corporate Barbados to continue their involvement with the Y, not just for their Reading Club or the Breakfast Drive but make sure future generations of Barbados are guided the right way to carry the country forward. She also wanted corporate responsibility to be at the fore when Town & Country release their final approval for a permanent home for the Y {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Ms Rice-Bowen sees the need for multi-sectoral partnerships to ensure the Y gets a permanent home even if in Deacons as town & Country has indicated this may well be the situation once it confirms and confers permission to the YWCA’s board…

YWCA President Marilyn Rice Bowen (L) proffers gift as appreciation for diligence of Meals Coordinator Andrea Taylor (R)

YWCA’s Meals Coordinator Andrea Taylor wants the Breakfast Club to be an Islandwide schools programme, and therefore also wants Corporate Barbados to not just continue but boost their assistance {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Ms Taylor says the Breakfast Club helps avoid children losing concentration via hunger which in turn is in keeping with the United Nation’s Millennium goals on preventing or alleviating potentials where starvation can thrive.

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