Indigenous Activist Damon Corrie’s Rant – Trinidad government offers colonial style tokenism (with heavy Church interference) to one tribe and completely ignores the other 2!

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Over 500 years ago – the illegal Christianization‘ (by force) of Indigenous Colonial Trinidad began, you may find it shocking to note that the politicians of today with their ‘cosmetic solutions‘ and ceaseless ‘lip-service‘ to todays Indigenous remnant survivors in Neo-Colonial Trinidad are once again imposing an illegal foreign religion upon the true landlords of Trinidad and Tobago.

"...In this way, they just keep giving the Santa Rosa Carib Church property and our people are supposed to feel as though they are being respected. We have real needs. Our people are being displaced from their homes for illegal quarrying and need a permanent place to live and farm." Here is the link to the article |

Did Eric Williams rally Trinidadians of all ethnicities to seek freedom from the ‘European Colonial Oppressor‘ in order to ERASE what little freedom was left for the first people of Trinidad and inflict on them a ‘Neo-Colonial Creole Oppression‘? One can say this has been the sad post-Independence REALITY of the forgotten first peoples of the ENTIRE Caribbean, just speak to indigenous elders in St. Vincent, Dominica, Suriname & Belize – who remember well the “join with us to get the white man out” rhetoric – and all the promises of ‘you will get your freedom back if you stand with us now in the Independence struggle‘…but what have you ‘West Indians‘ done? You have merely assumed the masters attire and treated us no better, and we are sick and tired of your empty promises. Leave us alone in the last pieces of land we have left – and let us govern our own affairs – as we have done for thousands of years before the ‘West Indies‘ ever appeared on any map.

We did not want the Europeans to impose their rule over us – and neither do we want YOU to impose your rule over us either, our freedom is our God-given birthright in these lands of the Western Hemisphere; and we will NEVER surrender it to you – or anyone else.

There is the popular version (peddled by first the Colonial & subsequent Neo-Colonial governments in Trinidad including to the present day), and then there is the REAL Indigenous history on Trinidad; and here it is in brief below:

Damon Gerard Corrie
President of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy
of Indigenous Tribal Nations

" -- Did Eric Williams rally Trinidadians of all ethnicities to seek freedom from the 'European Colonial Oppressor' in order to ERASE what little freedom was left for the first people of Trinidad and inflict on them a 'Neo-Colonial Creole Oppression'?"

Trinidad is inherently made up of Nepoyo and Sepoyo. The Sepoyo were a sub group. The Warrau are really more from the Orinoco Delta, and have had a presence in Trinidad primarily as a support to the southern Band of Nepoyo. The Carib as they are referring too are the people that live in the Santa Rosa Catholic Community, and have a Catholic Queen. In the 1700’s the catholic Church Issued our leadership tittles in exchange for slavery, and blindly called anyone who was living in the missionCaribs‘, as they imported Caribs to work the plantations. The Great Trinidadian Indigenous Chief Hyarima himself escaped from the Santa Rosa slave camp where he fled to the Northern Band of Nepoyo who then fought with him against the Santa Rosa camp & the Spaniards.

The Sepoyo rebelled against the two Catholic priests that started the mission and killed them – because a Sepoyo Holy man’s daughter was molested by them, and in return the Spaniards killed the entire Sepoyo population. They call the killing of the two priests ‘the great massacre’, and the priests were given Sainthood. They are now the patron saints of the Santa Rosa Carib Community which is like a living insult to the memory of the Sepoyo. To this day there is a yearly procession where the Carib Queen marches down with the community members to mourn the death of the two priests.

So, to answer your question yes, there are still ‘Caribs‘ in Trinidad too, if you can call them that. The Government of Trinidad are now trying to claim that the deities of Trinidad’s Indigenous Amerindians are actually Hindu Gods, and are granting the Hindu religious institutions rights to our sacred lands, where they are building Hindu temples. This is complete madness. They are committing sacrifices on our sacred grounds, where we would not even dare to traverse out of respect. We asked for lands in Tobago, and again they have given the Hindus land there as well in response. I don’t know if they think we are that stupid, they are that stupid, or they are just showing us that they don’t care. Either way, our people feel helpless.

Chief Aaron Alonzo
Nepoyo Tribal Nation of Trinidad
member of the Pan Tribal Confederacy
of Indigenous Tribal Nations.

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  1. The reality is the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean seem content on accepting this situation imposed upon them to the point where their ‘leaders’ are part of the many governments of the region and offer to objections to the disrespect and exploitation that most of the present governments, if not all treat the Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean with.



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