{The views expressed in this article while bearing resemblance to the late Dave Marsden when alive in Barbados, is purely coincidental. The opinions expressed do not reflect any advertisers nor the staff of Bajan Reporter. Any offense taken, is purely at one’s own thin skin.}

Sometime ago, officials of Grenada’s New National Party were on the radio programme – Sundays With George Grant, acknowledging that the party made a number of “mistakes” while in office and suggested that we the people should not dwell on these mistakes.

Citizens in Defence of Grenada’s Lands and Heritage believes that one of the problems of the Grenadian people is our VERY SHORT MEMORIES.

One of those mistakes was the Levera Project and within a five-year period, the mistake was repeated twice – first with the Grenada Development Company Inc. and then the Levera Resort Development Ltd. Old people would say that was a habit!!

The lands of local property owners were acquired without compensation and locals in the area were deprived of access to the “people’s property” in the Levera area

Among the consequences of this mistake is that the people of Grenada are responsible for payment of compensation to persons whose lands were acquired and for the loan that was guaranteed for the first developers.

Given that the interest is being accrued at a phenomenal rate on these judgements which remain umpaid, in July 2011 the House of Representatives approved a bill to issue bonds for the payment of judgements incurred in the Levera mistake and other NNP mistakes as it relates to foreign direct investors/speculators and the people’s property – Viktor Kozeny’s Blue Lagoon (re acquisition of property which was turned over to Poole Capital) and in respect of the Hog Island Property (re the stillborn Hog Island – Mt. Hartman development of both Inter Continental and Cinnnamon 88 projects).

As a matter of public interest and information, CDGLH offers (by clicking on following phrase or signature at enda summary highlighting what it considers to be key areas of agreement between the government of Grenada and the second set of developers, Levera Resort Development Ltd.

Citizens in Defence of Grenada’s Lands and Heritage

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