Barbados under fire for Non-Compliance with International Human Rights: Huff-Po & BFP decry Caribbean isle for Homophobia

Barbados may be the birthplace of rum, offering delightful concoctions to tourists with refined palates, but the country’s attitude toward gays and lesbians is far from refreshing. Like many destinations in the Caribbean, Barbados retains outdated British colonial laws that ban homosexuality

“Though the current law is under review, it still punishesbuggerywith a life sentence. Until the law is repealed, same-sex couples might prefer to experience the sparkling blue-green waters of the Caribbean in locales that welcome gay travelers, such as Puerto Rico, Aruba, or the U.S. Virgin Islands…”

While it is commendable how Barbados Free Press looks at rights of LGBT people, nevertheless, they miss the boat for many significant aspects… It is no longer a matter of “THESE ARE PEOPLE TOO” this is a case where this community is now so large and open they actually have spending power and voting rights, a deadly combo for those who want to stay in the Middle Ages?

Barbados Free Press - "How about adultery… should that be illegal too? IF we’re going to regulate sexual behaviours between consenting adults, what other activities should be prohibited? Is there any other orifice besides an anus that should be restricted? And… is that restriction limited to the penis, or should other protruding parts of the human body be restricted as well?"

While BFP correctly listed how Huffington Post has placed Barbados at Number 6 in “Honeymoon from Hell: The Top 10 Destinations Gay and Lesbian Travelers Should Avoid” the real matter is not Ballot or Bullet as Malcolm X once cited, but where LGBT both in Caribbean and overseas can actually step up the heat right to the United Nations

This is no longer a matter where Britain offering a fiscal incentive to make laws more 21st century compliant has nothing to do with us here in the West Indies, just because officially this island along with Jamaica, Guyana & Bahamas are intolerant of men with men or women and women as a Couple; we now face the prospect of being slated with territories like Zimbabwe, Iran and Uganda – places known for their dismissal of Human Rights even to their own women and citizens of different hues or religions…

If LGBT’s all over the planet decide to make this a Human Rights crusade, then what will this do to future Tourism prospects for Barbados?

That’s okay, their loss in millions of dollars from the LGBT community.­” Was how one commenter reacted, this is not whistling in the wind, part of Haiti’s recovery came from a huge donation from LGBT’s shortly after their January 2010 quake.

America is one of the first countries to realise LGBT’s can vote and therefore respect that fully, not only their Secretary of State but their Charge D’Affaires assigned to Barbados & the EC have made valiant pleas for the caribbean to move beyond antiquated views on sexuality.

While everyone may say the Bible has laws on it, as I have previously pointed out? The Bible was written by humans and therefore subject to fallacy, apart from that Nala the $2 Philosopher said everyone should read Leviticus in totality, you would realise Teens and many people would be annihilated! If one uses the Bible solely as a touchstone for permission to do or not carry out noble or heinous deeds, then Slavery would still exist since neither the Old nor New Testaments speak against this practise…

When this movie reached Barbados, a lot of people tried to stop the film from reaching here, yet it was eventually allowed; which created precedents for other movies down the line... It told the story of a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys and their lives over the years.

Slavery is considered one of the worst transgressions against Human Rights, yet most of the world abhors and rejects this concept of cheap to free labour and regret its domination 300 to 400 years ago with Europeans over many Africans. However while Guyanese, Bahamians & Jamaicans will all agree Slavery is wrong without corroboration from the Bible, it is religion which is the Crutch of an excuse to victimise flagrant Homosexuals. Canadian LGBT’s got their Government to ban Sizzla Kolonji from having concerts there for his violent anti-LGBT lyrics, American LGBT got an apology from Shabba Ranks on Jay Leno which caused him to lay low for years from his homeland for daring to be pro-LGBT yet only Shaggy takes an open stance having served in the US military – perhaps no Jamaican wants to take on the dancehall chanter since he knows how to handle a K-Bar?

However, the fact remains – once all LGBT’s coalesce their resources? It is no longer a financial opportunity or a matter of which MP or Congressman gets in via Gay votes, it is a matter where the United Nations founded by Dag Hammarskjold – who due to the mores of that era did not declare himself, yet was on par with Brokeback Mountain (ironic, Aussies are like Jamaicans over LGBT and so Heath Ledger took it to heart – one could almost see his relief when he did NOT win the Oscar and by the following year was dead; yet Jake Gyllenhaal let it fly over his head and has gone on to approach many worthy roles like Jarhead or Source Code and even such odd one as Donny Darko or Love and Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway), and if it reaches that far – how will dipping into the NIS’ pension scheme to shore up Four Seasons help if no Brit’s are here because of a Human Rights’ embargo?

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  1. True, the Bible was written by humans, and could not be correct, but the Bible’s thoughts and sentences were not developed by humans. The words that come out of the Bible were inspired by God, they were spoken by Him. I am not trying to fight or anything, I am just letting you know what is true. I agree that homosexuals are people too and should not be treated like trash, but I do not find their lifestyles appropriate. Now I know that God is coming pretty soon and that this world full of sin is coming to and end. When men are lovers of the same sex,when the world is full of natural disasters, and there are many wars and problems, that mean that God is coming soon. God bless you.


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