A Rift in DLP Cabinet? Hutson for LIAT while Sealy for REDjet? Is it either’s fault? If not, WHY??

Regular readers will still remember how George Hutson was counting beans not so long ago in an apparent mistake the DLP regime made not so long ago, do you grant REDjet a designated carrier status for Barbados or just stick to LIAT? Can one truly reconcile betwixt Mammon and his cohorts, etc?

{FILE IMAGE - TRINBAGO LAUNCH IN JULY 2011} Richard Sealy has openly championed the value of REDjet, seen here catting with REDjet CEO Ian Burns, REDjet's PR firm's CEO Stephanie Von Oppen and Hugh Foster, Mr Sealy's own PR, paying serious attention

Politicians have been shown to wishy-washy many times not only in Barbados but in Britain or USA, ad nauseam, yet when one stands his ground publicly despite his own colleagues lashing him shows true Leadership – this is the difference with peers and first among equals; real leaders will dare to make a stand despite the consensus and adopt and pose unpopular decisions and stick to such deeds!

The majority of George St stalwarts openly and vociferously supported the Tourism Minister's performance during the last 4 years

Tourism Minister Richard Sealy was addressing his party stalwarts at George Street over the weekend and made a strong comment over the history and plight of the Caribbean’s Low Fares Carrier… While not pledging any blank cheque, nevertheless in his view REDjet must be kept in the West Indian skies, this is in direct opposition to Seafood Minister George Hutson, Minister of International Business – who was on the Front Page of Business Authority helping officials select craft for LIAT’s fleet last year!

Fellow Kolij-ian Minister Sealy sees REDjet as essential to community service for not just Barbados but for all of the West Indies {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

He declared a lack of REDjet is a disaster for the entire Caribbean, where sports at a community level would be affected, since REDjet made CAL & LIAT place their fees in reach of the average person.

While originally set to talk about Europe's crisis with the Euro and S&P assessments of various EU members, nevertheless by touching on REDjet with the Caribbean brought to mind an eerie parallel in the sense where the caribbean should NOT go so as to achieve in future

The Cabinet minister still contradicting Hutson publicly, also observed how even the Central Bank sees regional economies boosted by the Low Fares Carrier’s presence {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

While LIAT may appear a competitor, the fact is REDjet and LIAT should forge an alliance to cooperate where each service cannot perform fully so as to broker a new era of intra-regional cooperation.

When REDjet finally headed skywards in May 2011, I clearly remember there were 3 Guyanese on board for what was the return flight to Barbados for me - yet these 3 had never flown in their lives until REDjet came along, since it was the first time they could afford to fly!

So if anyone is trying to make it seem as if the Freundel Stuart camp is hunky-dory? Wake up, baby! There are clearly bright sparks and dim bulbs who need to sort out which are Eagles and which are Turkeys – this case is but a small lesson!

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