20 officers dismissed from Dominican Republic’s Police Force: Would Barbados be so brave?

Other officers and enlisted men were suspended while waiting for the results of investigations.

During a meeting on January 6, Santo Domingo’s Higher Police Board recommended the dismissal, compulsory retirement and disciplinary measures against 20 police officers. {If Barbados ever was THIS progressive, then we are in line for a full-scale Earthquake}

They include Captain Juan de Jesus Jimenez Familia, accused of shooting dead a police corporal and later claiming self defense, who will be tried in court. Enlisted men Noel Martinez Hernandez and Cristian Raul Rosario Ogando, who were involved in the same case, will also be disciplined.

The Board recommended the dismissal of Captain Edicto Lora Jimenez, who, together with others, caused a major incident whilst drunk in the “Bar El Rancho“, in Moncion, where he received a bullet wound in his abdomen.

Captain Rafael Medrano Urbaez, from the Police Narcotics Unit in Miches, was recommended for dismissal for allegedly protecting a known drug trafficker known as Pena. According to the investigation, he received money in return for allowing drugs to be taken to Puerto Rico in small boats and allowed drug outlets to operate freely in the area. They also recommended the compulsory retirement of Captain Sergio Antonio Concepcion Matias (El Pinto), after establishing that he had a close relationship with a band of hit men and drug traffickers in Santiago and the Cibao area, and was directly associated with the murder victims Julio Cespedes Martinez (El Indio) and his brother Juan Carlos Cespedes Martinez (Pimpe).

Captain Ramon Alberto Montero Sanchez was recommended for compulsory retirement for testing positive for cocaine.

Captain Jose Alberto de la Cruz Castillo was recommended for compulsory retirement as he had three unlicensed firearms that he had confiscated from citizens, without going through the proper legal channels, and Sergeant Major Leonardo Cruz Santos was recommended for disciplinary action as he did not inform his superiors about Captain de la Cruz Castillo’s actions.

First Lieutenant Alberto Colon Perez was recommended for compulsory retirement for desertion as he went to Spain on a 21-day permit but has not returned to report for duty.

They recommended the dismissal of First Lieutenant Cristobal Montero Garcia for extorting people linked to drug trafficking, taking advantage of his position as a member of the National Drug Control Department (DNCD).

The Board also recommended the compulsory retirement of First Lieutenant Victor Carrasco Cuevas for acting recklessly at the scene of a traffic accident when he shot at a vehicle, puncturing two tires and breaking the windows.

They recommend the dismissal of Second Lieutenant Jose Eduardo Encarnacion, for charging a Sergeant Major and an enlisted man 15,000 pesos for helping them with promotion. Also for taking the salary of Sergeant Gilberto Antonio Gil Lugo for one year, stating falsely that he was handing it to his superiors.

The Higher Police Board also recommended the compulsory retirement of Second Lieutenant William Sanchez Ramirez and discharge for misconduct of enlisted men Luis Antonio Feliz Ramirez, Carlin Oliver Minyeti and Jeferson de la Rosa Valdez, for their links with drug traffickers in Azua province.

Captain Nieve Hilda Heredia Franjul was recommended for retirement with pay for length of service. {Phew! Teflon? Good luck!}

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