This Is The Year That Was: 2011, Pt 2 – Trees, Education, Cuisine & More Hair

As I suspected when there were originally 4 stories left as top Shares among Facebook Bajans? Two more popped up! Let’s see what’s cooking and why…

I was boiling mad over how foreign media tried to portray Barbadian dishes as though they were the definitive authority on what they were not born to… So were many Bajans as well, so when I looked at registering Cou-Cou, Hotsauce & Beef Stew (B’dos) many folk agreed to the point where it jumped from Monday to now up to 32 shares at last visit!

Bajans if they catch her plan to show how Cou-Cou sticks have other uses... JK, Jk, JK (I think?)!!

Another series which escaped my attention until I saw it was earning comments way after it fell off the Front Page was the Silk Cotton saga so wonderfully and impartially recounted by Dr John L. Webster, replete with great Photos! When the decision was made to remove ancient history of Warrens for vehicles, the story almost went viral on FB at 104 shares!

One of the better sides of 2011 is how Mia Mottley shows the way forward to interact with official opponents, disgree in the arena yet when Barbados needs Leadership? Show camaraderie and accord!

You would recall how locks were the centre of a dispute at a private school close to the Welches Post Office, the boy did not want to cut his hair and the teacher says a Tam would suffice – what about when someone willingly removes their “dreads“??

By following Alison Hinds‘ Twitter feed I learned she cut her braids back in April and had a picture of herself, the mini-story earned 67 shares…  I must say there may be something to Samson’s tale of Delilah as a parallel to the ex-Square One vocalist?

For the most part, Alison can be fun and wacky - but when she took off her braids? Her manners seemed to have disappeared with 'em?

Saw her at Honey Jam in September, and she got on so snotty when I was talking with Philip 7, all she had to do was say she wanted a quiet moment with Philip (if I was her Edward I’d be concerned, LOLJK, JK, JK) but she waves her hand at me like she’s Yul Brynner in that classic with Deborah Kerr, no wonder Simon Cowell allegedly has little to say to her – then again one has to forgive her… Imagine, Roll – her biggest hit, she didn’t even write it and the composer herself has a huge career in the USA now, it must be aggravating for old Ali, eh? That’s how the dice roll…

While you’re shaking them bones, it was my proposal, also during April, of legalising gambling in Barbados which caught many folks attention, FB-wise, the tale of the late Johnnie Cochrane and the VLT machines got a whopping 94 shares in under 24 hours as a former Senator got petulant and childish with me on FB over the concept, putting forward no strong arguments – just blaring and repeating negatives like if she was a playground bully. Whereas non-political opponents had carefully constructed ripostes as if they were about to go toe to toe with O.J. Simpson’s former attorney!

Dr Ewart Brown, QC's Principal, at extreme left in this picture from late February

Speaking of Law? Do you recall when many Bajans skipped Reggae on the Mud the Hill due to torrential floods? There were some who went and among those few – a woman learned don’t stop a man if he wants to get ignorant with Police, she may still need a chiropractor? The shocking video went viral on Youtube and also earned 205 shares in FB via this News service!

But the story which earned the record of Shares on FB by far was an item that mainstream media refused to handle – while the Bajan Reporter made sure to cover all possibilities by contacting the School’s Board members, the Minister Of Education and a school where a similar event occurred… All refused to touch the incident which unfolded at Queen’s College.

It seems a boy told a teacher a vile epithet, the father on learning of said incident persuaded Senior Personnel not to discipline his son as he would do it himself in front of Classmates so as to teach a powerful lesson, when said boy apparently was not reacting in manner expected? Then the flogging allegedly changed gears, which led to a subsequent investigation where nothing happened in Barbados as usual the details of this inquiry are yet to be made public.

Difficult to say which was worse - a Father cuffing his son in front of child's friends or the fact parents of other pupils willingly wanted to hush the situation up?

You can read the whole story HERE and watch some video HERE! The item got a whopping 477 shares on FB, there was even a subsequent item where the clergyman (part of a Panel Discussion for QC then) who broke the “Gangs Of Barbados” here – which VOB & Nation tried to dismiss until Faith Marshall-Harris confirmed the BR story – also revealed how Blackberries are money-making devices for Students who sell to young Porn addicts…

While 2011 is not over, it is beginning to wind down – we’ll keep an eye but for the most part during 2011’s last fortnight? We’ll try to engage the softer side of News… Merry Hanukkah to all, and to all a good Ramadan!

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