This Is The Year That Was: 2011, Pt 1 – for Education, Energy and Jamaican Mourning

2011 will be special for many for many reasons – here at Bajan Reporter we base it on shares in Facebook now, rather than the number of comments, since switching to a website has led to occasionally more vitriolic or legally questionable comments which are better left unprinted since Bajan Reporter is not anonymous and therefore may be considered as an accomplice if left unhindered?

This story earned 36 shares and was discussed at length in the UK no less! CLICK FOR BIGGER: Once you have read the caption for the photo VERY carefully, this man believed in Harems!

14 items received 15 shares or more on Facebook this year, which means that at least once a month Bajans and other nationalities were fascinated by this website’s coverage… In this article, we’ll look at the top ten then next time around who were the Fantastic 4 and why?

Nation Publishing has "Ministry: Vending on highway illegal" (TUE, NOVEMBER 15, 2011 - 8:46 AM) after my original item from Sept. 8th

15 shares were for stories on Foreign Affairs, although one Local and the other Afar – both were for sovereign matters… John Legend made a hullabaloo in May when he performed for Mother’s Day, what I did not appreciate was how the Media were sidelined and said so! I felt Bajans’ rights to adequate coverage were abrogated in favour of overinflated egos – not Mr Legend, but his staff, who felt they were legends in their own minds?

Where I feel Bajans should NOT overdo their Sovereignty was when the UK’s David Cameron asked for Homophobic Commonwealth members who need financial assistance to revise their laws to access preferential loans; the desire to state how no one can make me change my law for any price-tag may sound noble but considering the deep fiscal hole Barbados is already in, by having laws reflect our philosophy would it not make Debt Consolidation more feasible?

At first I mistakenly compared this with Goya's Naked Maja but it was noted dramatist Patrick Foster who indicated this was more along the lines of Rodriguez' Odalisque - either way Graham gill has a modern classic, honestly? If I had enough money I'd have bought it on the spot!

At 17 shares was a matter which appeared prophetic in a manner of speaking, the issue of Ackee Vendors… While people have a right to make money – do they have a right to endanger themselves as pedestrians or motorists on the highways of Barbados? What was interesting is that in a matter of weeks, the Transport Ministry finally sought to redress the matter!

When Peter Williams stepped down as Light & Power’s CEO and a new officer was appointed along with a Canadian officer from Light & Power’s parent organisation of Emera sent along to their Barbadian outpost created much interest here at Bajan Reporter – this item got 20 shares!

John Legend's bodyguard may be huge, but it seems all his mass was in his bulk and not his gray cells, the musical security detail could have used what Bajans call "Brought-Upsy" lessons in a hurry! Strange since Legend appeared not stuck up at all...

Rihanna as Art? Nothing new – Britain’s John Dolan did it this year too, so have quite a few others but usually it’s a popular current pose – then Graham Gill took a classic view and transposed the face of the performer from Westbury Road at his group show of Breadfruit & Bakes shown for a painfully brief time at EBCCI in July, it earned 25 shares on Zuckerberg’s website at the time.

Learning German at BCC was popular for 23 shares on FB this year, while Damon Corrie discovering new areas of Guyana pulled a hearty 29… Then we had a dude who was not even alive when he earned his place in my 2011 review?

I have many regular contributors but quite a few prefer their anonymity so as to allow them to learn more in the sidelines. One of them sent me the weirdest Obituary I’ve ever seen so far, it pulled 36 shares too… The scary thing is, by West Indian standards, he was a regular joe – he left behind to mourn a Wife, a Special Friend and Life Partner… This was debated as far off as Oxford if other islands would be as tolerant as Jamaica for such heterosexual promiscuity?

When deciding to enroll a child into a Private Institution, make sure you know ALL the rules - especially the fine print, not knowing can lead to hairy incidents, ok?

Then when Barbados won a special award in Santo Domingo and Bajan Reporter had it ahead of both Advocate and Nation by days, the item just leapt to 39 shares in what seemed like 80 minutes!

Then as we start to get to the big time, the item which had 48 shares was a story which was first on Facebook then alerted to me personally, so I decided to to actually speak with all aggrieved sides and list their complaints – I had the jump on both the Nation & Barbados Today… This was the situation where Hilltop Primary apparently seemed to discriminate against a little boy with dreadlocks as a hairstyle? Honestly – I feel both sides could have done better to reach an accord, but everyone has their pride and not much else these harsh fiscal times, so it goes…

By Friday? The main quartet of hot stories will appear (provided no other juicy developments suddenly sprout from a hitherto undiscovered cranny) – of course, we’re sure you want a hint… More education, more dead personalities and more tresses feature heavily in the last batch – be hair, LOL!

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