Barbados thriller: New book from maker of “Kite Flyer” guilty of Anachronism – Mystery develops like skateboard down Rendezvous

{NBMild Spoilers} Considering the amazing plot and acting for limited funding back in 2007 at the Bridgetown Film Festival, Sean Russell can be forgiven one plot thread in his debut book “Guilty!“which is askew… He has an iPhone between 10 to 14 years ago when in fact it only existed since 2007! Part of Sean’s detective fiction is set in Guyana and looks at one character, Amanda, who as a child was shipped over here in a hurry (read to learn why)…

If at the least she is, based on the bio according to Sean’s book “Guilty!” it says she has lived, 30 years old? Then 5 years for her career overseas as a Model and ten before between secondary school and early teens in Guyana can not allow for Mickey to possess an iPhone unless one of her “friends” was Steve Jobs? Even then the device was a twinkle in his specs far less an iPad – which at that point only existed in Star Trek as a PADD!

If there was any other challenge is Sean’s fixation on upscale products… Maine horror fiction expert Stephen King is also known for product endorsement – Chocolate soda YooHoo, Dorito’s tortilla chips, Nokia cellphones, Ford or Kia cars/trucks, etc. Whereas Sean Russell is obsessed on Blackberry, as well as iPhones, BMW’s, designer dresses/suits and/or whiskey! At least he kept it patriotic with Rihanna ringtones? I am not sure of the endorsements from either dude, both are at opposite ends of the lifestyle scale and even if a level mentioning field was reached I am not sure, the jury is still out on that aspect of composition…

{FILE IMAGE} The Author as a Cinematographer, Sean Russell also likes to make music - here's a little known fact, his wife was the sarcastic Receptionist in the "Kite Flyer"

That out of the way, “Guilty!” has intriguing bases from reality – Philip Ferguson is the son of a Construction Magnate, in fact his father is one of two brothers who created a successful entity which earned all kinds of bids. A twist on the C.O./Bizzy Williams clan, who as far as I know, have no lawyers in their brood? Were they changed racially to not only have legitimately “different” characters but inspired by Mrs Bizzy a la Shelly?

Phil Ferguson, I am sure some may see Andrew Pilgrim as the embattled legal eagle, but if this is indeed transferred to film, then I hope “Doc” Russell finds another person to open the path for new talent to spread forth?

Guilty!” opens on Phil seriously considering to murder his wife for being unfaithful, even though he himself slipped at the altar – his excuse is that he was lonely while Jade was away… Phil’s best pal is a dreadlocked boozer called Teddy whose real background does not appear ’til nearly the conclusion and once revealed makes perfect sense and is actually realistic. (More folk like Teddy around than we know, it’s why they live so – so we don’t learn about them)

It seems Phil’s former mentor Jimmy Cadogan has many fingers and toes in all kinds of pies, he also took Phil’s branching into his own firm as a personal slur and never forgot it. This is where the book gets all vicious and not for the squeamish – the writing can easily compete with Dallas, Falcon Crest or Dynasty! There are so many crooked deals and officials in the sub-plot threads, it really makes this book actually very realistic!

It is not the first time Sean has attempted a venture successfully, he also did the movie Kite Flyer which got the following comments when originally reviewed here;-

The difference that Kite Flyer has with other films of the drugs/gang genre is that this is a comedy-drama! There is a part where the secretary of Samud Ali‘s character tells a kidnapper to read the Book of Psalms as it is very soothing!

Samud plays a Bank Manager of an entity called Scimitar (it seems to me this is in reference to a very eerily echoing type of case privately unfolding at a fiscal conglomerate of a similar sounding name), who ends up laundering money for The General – played to psychotic effect by Andrew Pilgrim – just so the Mgr can keep his cocaine habit running!

This is a sub-plot, the main meat of the movie is Jamal (Levi King), a teenager verging on adulthood and his stormy relation with his step-father, which reaches a horrifying impasse that leads to Jamal turning to a life of crime and the spinoffs as a result of that decision which was in a way forced on him from a vile punishment from his late stepdad…

Seeing that Sean Russell is happily married, made an award winning film and also wrote this book… We assume he has oxygen shipped periodically to remind him breath is essential now and again? The thing is, “Guilty!” is actually a Cliff-Hanger… You are yet to learn who Phil decides to share his life with and if he finally got Jimmy Cadogan off his back, or even if he and Teddy are still buddies? The book started slowly and then shifts gear like a Yamaha at Motocross!

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  1. I am so thankful for a Bajan book, it is a superb gift for Christmas.

  2. This book is equal in the ranks of “The Royal Palms Are Dying.” Why is it not advertised?

  3. I just can’t wait for the sequel. I bought other copies as gifts for my pals this Christmas.


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