If Al Barrack is finally going to get paid – when it was originally considered as frivolous & vexatiousPat Hoyos from Broad Street Journal tries to square off on Four Seasons and a Cabinet official starts to refer to a quote from one of Hitler’s Ministers, why? Because Hoyos dared to not fall in line?As for CLICO, Leroy Parris’ new pal says there may be a plan to sell off the beleaguered insurance entity’s local branch?

{At another point in time we’ll run the balance of the video, which unedited is almost 90 minutes – we’ll do our best to include questions as we got the askers on camera too}

Could overconfidence be seeping in? Since the Bees are in disarray as there are distinct splinters, and he was left in his Finance portfolio - can the former CPDC executive now be assuming a mantle not unlike a Prima Donna? Does Minister Sinckler know something about votes we do not but will soon?

This as 1% growth for 4 months and Barbados is doing WELL? Do you recall when the Central Bank said at their 6 month review of Barbados Economy there’s to be 2% growth, which did NOT happen! So if an underperformance occurs, in conjunction with Constituency Camera Centres open and the culling of ID lists to make sure dead people are out? Then the Bell for Voting is going to sound off in 2012!

Sinckler also holds up for LIAT yet here’s what Caribbean 360 says;-

A new wave of staff cuts is planned for LIAT as the financially-beleaguered airline moves to reign in cost.

The Antigua-based carrier has scheduled a meeting for Friday with all the unions within its system to discuss the plan.

General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union (ABWU), Senator David Massiah, confirmed the planned staff cuts but would not say how many workers or what areas would be affected…

There are certain Bajans who say that the current Finance Minister's attituide could do with a dose of Dale Carnegie, moreso? Other Bajans who say Sinckler's attitude stinks, which leads even others to refer to him as "STINKLER"! In a rather redolent manner, he indicated that he would not be engaged in a War of Words with Airone Ventures and Barbados is an Independent entity and will not be cowed by threats to take the service to another island... But bear this in mind O Stink, um, Minister Sinckler - if you cause a cheapo means for Bajans to travel to slip from their hands... Can you afford to lose them votes, baby?

Perhaps LIAT should be sold to REDjet? Isn’t the whole thing a conflict of interest like having a Permanent Secretary from a relevant Ministry involved as a Director in a similar arena? Wait, why are you smiling?

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