REDjet’s arrival to Kingston opens Barbadian entertainers’ eyes to possibilities not seen in decades, this as J’ca Gov’t considers expanding their aerospace

For many, when they hear of a Low Fares Carrier like Ryanair or Southwest they usually assume two things – rotten service and planes on their way out… In fact, if you attended the very initial launch of Airone (REDjet’s parent company) in October last year, their Marketing Manager Alicia Lynch played a hilarious video from Carol Burnett about such an entity, this was the 70’s so it was called No Frills

The fictional carrier and REDjet probably have only one similarity and that is price – even there, I wonder. You certainly are not made to feel like cattle nor do they starve in the name of Budget. Having flown the Bajan designated carrier both as a consumer and as an invited Media participant, I can assure you they are very safe – I want to be alive to tell you the next story, right?

Corpoate Communications Expert Nyssa Pierre just catching the Jamaican Transport & Works Minister before he headed off to Cabinet, she made a special presentation on behalf of REDjet

Apart from that, REDjet’s seating is roomy, which is great news for me – right? No Kevin Smith here… I mean everyone knows my size, and that is the first thing people hit at when they cannot respond logically to my superior intelligence in debating and showing their own inferiority at disputing a point. LOL šŸ˜›

Back to REDjet’s service which is great, and while the fare is basic – you are made to feel as though you receiving a Filet Mignon steak with caviar and washed down with a Claret… Although the obvious reality is a Ham & Cheese sandwich with a chilled Coke! The cutter, as we Bajans call it, is freshly made and there are smiles with the service – considering they want you to fly again with them, is that such a shock? Yet there are those spammers who would fill your minds with filth and not use logic.

The Cabin Crew rolling out Fishcakes as part of the inaugural trip known as BGI/KIN, perhaps they can have them as regular fare? If it's 4 for $3.00 USD they may be surprised at how passengers react?

Consider this – since REDjet is a Low Fares Carrier, then their Overhead is lower and therefore they have more to spend on safeguarding flights via security and engineering! This was one of the points made by Ian Burns the CEO of REDjet at the Norman Manley International Airport on their first official trip to the Caricom neighbour {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

By spending less on other business models and concentrating on the passenger, their main source of success, they have been able to take profits and re-invest them in making the craft safe to fly for long or short distances.

Since the trip to Jamrock was longer, the flight check-in was far earlier, so no partying the night before!

CEO Burns was responding to Senator Harry Husbands‘ (the official representative for Barbados this time around, I guess no one else could be found) petty and uncalled for snipe over how REDjet looks to endear itself with every territory they fly, this is no different than when a rock star hails each town he travels to, in fact – this debut flight to Jamaica had many members of Barbados’ entertainment community and I spoke with a few to see what the potential is now they have at least Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica to visit as potential concert sites {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

One of the performers looked at how musicians across the region can now look at more cross-island collaborations, while another singer who says she travels to Jamaica annually can now look at it on a more consistent basis and still have funds to concentrate on her career.

Many members of Barbados' entertainment & media community were there - here you can see Mikey "EMPIRE STRIKES BACK" Hulsmeier (Bald in Red T-Shirt is conferring with Strategy's Tejay, meanwhile Patrick Gollop, known for his Courts & LIME Ad Campaigns, is listening to the Jamaican emcee welcome Bajans at NMIA

Senator Husbands despite his stupid gaffe did acknowledge a significant factor about REDjet which his own Government made possible, even if reluctantly so {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The Upper Chamber member admitted this was a first for Barbadian aviation history in that a Bajan carrier landed at Jamaica’s newest Airport.

Ian Burns emphasises a point Ray Parker Jr and Prince knew ever since - when one has fewer expenses then you can lay out more on quality, thus allaying safety concerns some try to divert attention from REDjet's real potential

I must say Bajans on the whole can be rather insular, many looked at the refreshments offered by Jamaicans and sneered their questions and stayed with obvious finger snacks, I said whatever the Bajans are ignoring? Pile on my plate! They smiled and asked if I was born there, so I explained how my mother is from St Vincent and my father is Bajan but I was born in Trinidad… “Oh, you’re CARICOM,” they giggled and gave me generous portions.

Was George Hutson or Freundel Stuart sending some cryptic message to REDjet by shipping Senator Harry Husbands for the journey? I mean he's no longer head of Immigration and he has no full mandate (that I'm aware of) in the PM's Office... So? Here he is greting Jamaican powerhouse Mike Henry, who's handling the Portfolio of Transport & Works! Why not Hugh Foster? He's done it before!

By far, the best speaker was Jamaica’s Minister of Transport and Works, L. Michael Henry, he has been in the arena a long time yet you can determine while he is a tough old bird, as they say, nevertheless if you make a decent proposal or have clear grounds to oppose him – he seems he’ll more likely be fair and hear you out?

The fishcakes definitely had saltfish and not Wishcakes, and did you know Vodka mixes well with Apple Juice? Report me to my boss, I tell you... LOL

His concern was the future of Jamaica’s aviation capacity, as REDjet creates yet a new market once more, what will happen for other destinations? {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The Minister considered both Russia and Saudi Arabia who have Visa challenges to the Caribbean as it is, if their craft like 83-80’s or Abramov’s have trouble dropping cargo at Kingston now, then how can NMIA’s further expansion be merged with that of the nearby seaport without either dominating the other?

The Jamaican Cabinet Minister also realised while his regime would be protective of their shares in Caribbean Airlines, nevertheless there is reality {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Minister Henry accepted the cold fact if they continued to stall REDjet in the end, the people of Jamaica would answer with their votes!

Chairman of NMIA, William Chagoury {CENTRE} and REDjet CEO Ian Burns with NMIA President Earl Richards {LEFT OF BOW} doing the official ribbon cutting for the debut at NIMA's departure Lounge

This is something the Freundel Stuart administration needs to bear in mind and issue appropriate directives towards the Seafood Minister Minister of Int’l Transport George Hutson & LIAT Director Permanent Secretary Gabrielle Springer so as to ensure that a sagging economy has easier means of expanding to other territories and bringing in trade through unusual yet feasible means, eh?

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