Google employee thinks Barbados could be the Caribbean’s next Mobile Manufacturer

It was nice meeting a dude who made me feel anorexic, LOL!

One of Google’s key personnel sees Barbados or, for that matter, any/many or ALL Caribbean territories as potential cellphone manufacturers – simply by using Android as the operating system for the phone and then sell the unit as theirs since Google’s Android is crafted to be public domain.

Chris DiBona was in Barbados for the Information Society of Barbados’ Event Caribbean 2011, he was examining how Open Source compares with closed resources, citing a time when the Paris branch of mobile provider Orange wanted Microsoft to release a special version of Vista so they can handle a glitch on their PTT (Push To Talk) units, and Bill Gates creation in all of its amiable sagacity said, “NO” whereas DiBona hinted if Android was used Google probably even would have helped Orange develop the variation they need to avoid future glitches.

Open Office is another example of what Google’s Open Source Programs Manager is referring to, Open Office is a version of Microsoft Word yet because it’s free and not Licensed as is Word then people can modify it and improve it but it has to stay open sourced so everyone can benefit.

Android is so simple, DiBona brags, any island in the Caribbean could be the next RIM or Nokia {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

If you have the skill then you could download Android and insert it into the units, there’s no permission to request and any modifications you may encode cannot be prevented by Google.

On other Google matters, Google Docs is changing its appearance and it keeps asking if you want to change the appearance of that sub-site but there’s no box for you to tick “DO NOT WANT TO SEE AGAIN” and DiBona lamented my question since he also found it rather inconvenient {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The new Docs has a HIDE button now on the bottom right corner, but he agrees it’s problem which stinks.

However, the problem has re-appeared with a decision for Gmail users to go with new look or stay with old look, while I prefer the New Google Doc’s I do not like the new Gmail but it’s asking me every time! Sigh… Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

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