Education Ministry of Barbados to get proactive on Bullying – Minister highlights new campaign due soon {PG-13: Mild Language}

When a child runs and is hit by a car, for fear of bullying is when a country pays attention to a sad situation. That was Barbados, in the USA it has been worse – children commit suicide to escape a bully! The UK plans to craft new laws or modify old ones to not only hold the perpetrator responsible but the Parents as well!

When children claim Parents just don't understand - this is not Bullshit, in their view? Parents have no idea how school has its own stresses likan Adult's job... Truth is, I do NOT miss my school days in the least! Adults tell kids this to make them slog through the grindstone - but when you DO look to Parents to help end a crime like Bullying but then YOU are seen as the wrongdoer, is it any wonder kids hate school?

Having had crap happen to me in my own childhood I can heartily agree – when I attended Mrs Taylor’s Private School in Navy Road there was a game called “TOES-day” where those in hard shoes would look for those in sneakers (no hard & fast dress code, a guideline was in place instead) and having had my foot mashed by what felt like steel-capped boots there was one time I went to hide in the bathroom and ended up mashing my finger as I slammed the door shut (3rd on left hand, nail looks weird to this day)…

It took me nearly losing my finger to stop TOES-day. What was the reaction?

{FILE IMAGE - MIN. JONES AT LECTERN} The Minister while satisfied there has been progress made against the scourge of Bullying, nevertheless is aware that there'll always be some pocket of resistance out there which they have to look out for

It was just a little blood, no big deal – you stopped real fun, man! That was a similar reaction at Harrison College in First Form when late auctioneer Harold Bowen‘s son David (5th Former and a big pale slug, like a human Jabba the Hut) nearly broke my thumb because I refused to give him my lunch money… I was considered a snitch as I complained to my Parents… Richard Bourne whose father worked at Collins on Broad Street was saying that Bowen should really have snapped my arm off! Andrew Mallalieu, who’s now at Terra Caribbean, also hurled similar epithets (they were in either 2nd or 3rd Form at the time) – no one said I was brave to make a stand and try and stop the nonsense. My daring to inform my parents was considered a weakness?

Parents nowadays, once a child has good grades, are too quick to let DVD or Wii or whatever be their child's nanny, Parents need to sit with their child and LISTEN, LEARN and LOVE - even if it means intervening and stepping in... If they don't it may be too late, either your kid is a Victim or worse? An Instigator...

Even in 4th form there was a time when a boy held a knife to my throat (not sure if he’s still alive, his surname was Nurse) because I would not give him answers in a French test… He only stopped when I calmy lied there’s a Police van and I will yell, he ran immediately!

Another time, four guys tried to gang up on me as I started and led a Resistance to NOT pay to use the then sole Water Fountain which was diagonally opposite the canteen. I made the situation known to a Prefect and they were flogged, I had Death threats from them and my Father threatened Harrison’s with a lawsuit if one hair was turned on my head (don’t mind he did as badly or worse – he must do it first) – I am not sure, but either one or two of the creeps got expelled. One of them reminds me of the incident to this day when I see him, he also still carries a grudge!

Having your child walk home with a trusted friend, making him learn Karate/Tae Kwon Do or Judo or knowing Martial Arts and still head home with a Pal are ways to safeguard your next generation...

So as I said before – it is no surprise when it takes drastic steps for Barbados to recognise a trend which is slapping them on the back of their collective head… Luckily, Education Minister Ronald Jones claims he will continue a zero-tolerance policy and reinforce with a specialised campaign to sensitise young Bajans of their rights {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINKS FOR FULL AUDIO};-

There will be lots of material available for students not only to understand how Bullying can be subliminal but to make sure Parents & Teachers know what to be aware of as well…

The Minister also spoke to the recent issue where a victim was allowed to start anew at a different school rather than bringing the perpetrator to bear, Minister Jones says that when transfers happen it is not always a Caribbean version of Witness Relocation, there are times when instigators are sent to learn in a more disciplined environment {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINKS FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Transfers happen a fair deal in Barbados – but Bajans need to realise that what used to be thought a joke is NOT, like if a young boy has a low haircut and gets slapped on the back of his head… How funny is it if he gets a Nosebleed?

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