Dark Knight’s Dark Night? Michigan “Hero” gets wings clipped by Court

Petoskey, Michigan officers arrested Mark Wayne Williams, known as the Petoskey Batman to his fans, in May when they found him dangling from a roof dressed in a Caped Crusader’s costume.

After rescuing Williams, then 31, they discovered the wannabe crime-fighter was carrying a baton, a canister of a chemical irritant spray and lead-lined gloves. They arrested him for trespassing and carrying dangerous weapons…

There are more and more real life “heroes” it seems on the heels of quasi-Reality depictions such as “Super” or “Kick-Ass” but the very same “KA” had the segment where the protagonist had his booty done just that – and nearly lost his life in the process… What will it take for people to learn?

Holy justice system! A Michigan man who tried to be a real-life Batman, but got into a tiff with police, has been ordered to hang-up his tights and mask for six months.

Costumes for Hallowe’en are cool – but it’s not too hard to find a real life Soprano, Scarface or Don Corleone and there won’t be any BIFF/ POW/ or BAM either… An unfortunate corollary is the same way it takes all day to clean a room and 5 minutes to dirty it? There are BAD guys out there and they have as much power or MORE than their Cinematic or Literary counterparts, let those fully trained to handle it do their work, ok? Huff-Po says the American legal system is trying to save the vigilantes from themselves;

A judge sentenced him Monday to probation for six months, during which time he’s forbidden to dress up in his Batman outfit.

Williams’s arrest and mug shot made him a brief celebrity. The booking photo depicts him posing in his blue and gray costume with sweat-soaked armpits that would make Adam West cry. A Facebook page for the Petoskey Batman has more than 4,000 fans.

Concerned about vigilante-like behavior, police around the {USA} have started treating amateur superheroes like super villains…

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