Barbadian West Coast – Cin Cin: where dining is absolutely cin-ful!

If you're one of those folk who feel guilty after Fine Dining then beware of this restaurant, its name of CIN CIN may be for the Italian salutation while drinking but the calories are so CINful you will be on the exercise bike for a heavy Atonement, LOL

Went to Cin Cin the other night, it’s a Barbadian experience worth savoring! Saw the ultimate in Customer Service when the Maitre’D held an umbrella over my wife while the rain marinated him to the roots of his ponytail! Dining can be inside or out and we chose outdoors, there were two tents and they reassured us the canopies have kept away severe downpours… If they emerge from the right direction?

The citrus salsa was a perfect counterpoint to the salmon and asparagus on a bed of creamed potato, it was fluffy yet filling!

We were seated right where the two canvasses met so a sliver of seam is above patrons, this did not phase the Maitre’D he snapped his fingers at a waiter who minced away and galloped back with a huge umbrella handed it to Mr Ponytail who shot it open then leaned over my wife, as he got the full brunt of the deluge. However we and our overseas pals offered to shift the table and so we saved the Maitre’D from having to see a Chiropractor from leaning over so long, or a Doctor for getting a cold!

The bar & Lobby is rather spacious and so you have a wide panorama to see if any celebrities drop in...

For an appetiser we had Olives which were unpitted, and for the Main Course I had grilled Salmon with Asparagus and a Citrus salsa. The wife enjoyed steak in peppercorn sauce with Onion Rings for dessert I enjoyed Cin Cin’s sundae while our US guests had a sorbet with whipped cream and mint leaves…

The peppercorn sauce which is lathed over the steak is not overdone, the flavour itself is pungent yet not the nascent biting which one can usually find with black pepper

Cin Cin is well appreciated so you have to reserve far in advance, even if you are booked you still have to wait while a table is cleared, when you are in their Lobby you can take in a view of one of the works of Alex Turco… If you really like his art, then they have stationery sets for you to buy while waiting!

I suspect the pricetag of an Alex turco would make one of the units at Coverley seem reasonable - this work is called "Free"

The architecture outside of the building, which is where Calabaza used to be, is very intricate, there’s Valet Parking so as one of their waiters fetches thy steel steed you have a chance to appreciate Cin Cin totally from the service, their art, to their building and their meals. You feel so pampered it’s quite, ahem, CIN-ful! šŸ˜›

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