New Marketing Thrust For Barbadian Internet Service “TeleBarbados” via Former Engineer

TeleBarbados, the preferred telecommunications service provider in Barbados for premium internet, voice, and data services, is poised to take its business to the next level with a new, strategic marketing focus led by Vice President Sales & Marketing, Joseph Herdé.

Over its 5-year history the company has developed a significant client base, introducing a range of innovative, competitively priced products in data, internet and corporate services, among others.

However, Mr. Herdé, who joined the company in September of last year, believes that in order for TeleBarbados to leverage its success and improve its market position even further, a more proactive, strategic, and pronounced marketing culture must be embraced.

Having previously held senior management positions in the largest telecommunications service providers throughout the Caribbean, with postings in Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, the East Caribbean, and also internationally in the Seychelles (Indian Ocean), Mr. Herdé possesses vast experience in the telecoms industry. Initially starting his career as an IT engineer over 15 years ago, Joseph first progressed into technical management roles in operations and service delivery before moving into more senior positions in regional product management, project management, marketing, and line-of-business leadership roles.

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Joseph Herde, believes a stronger market focus will propel TeleBarbados towards greater success.

His decision to transition from technical roles to commercial roles was attributed to his desire to play a more direct role in the developmental and growth aspects of the business:

In some of the smaller islands, Managers were often required to wear many different hats, and in my case, whereas I started off wearing a technical hat, I ended up wearing multiple commercial and customer service hats as well. My exposure to commercial operations and business management is what commenced my transition out of Engineering, but my technical beginnings definitely contributed to my successes as an effective marketing leader thereafter.”

Mr. Herde likened TeleBarbados to some of the smaller business units he previously worked in, under large telco groups, in that it possesses a small, dynamic, multi-disciplined team of professionals. “The key is leveraging one’s size to one’s advantage, and we at TeleBarbados have quite a few strengths to leverage, especially our agility in our go-to-market strategies. We also have a good mix of capable managers, entrepreneurial mindsets, and heavily certified technical experts.”

The Vice President said that being a start-up company, TeleBarbados identified the needs of the Barbados market, and were successful in bringing pricing down through the introduction of a series of cutting edge internet, voice, and data services, including state of the art fiber optic networks for the corporate sector, and wireless broadband networks for the residential sector. Going forward however, he is seeking to diversify their product portfolio in an effort to enhance their appeal and make them the number one choice for consumers:

The industry has changed far beyond just “selling internet pipes” and assuming that the end user will know what to do with it. We’re in the era of cloud computing, fiber optics, managed services, and unified communications, and TeleBarbados is in a uniquely strong position to offer these types of innovative services due to the skill-sets we have gained through multiple acquisitions over the years. My focus really is to leverage those key resources, ensure that we have the right product mix with the right positioning strategy, and simply offer the best value propositions in the market, for today and tomorrow.”

Since its inception, TeleBarbados has acquired Freemotion, a residential Wi-Fi provider; WAMCO, a business Wi-Fi provider; as well as Corporate Information Systems (CIS), which possessed strategically important Mitel, APC, and Panduit partnerships now owned by TeleBarbados. According to Mr. Herde, these partnerships give TeleBarbados the ability to expand its professional services portfolio, in addition to the internet, voice, and data services they already offer, thus providing a one-stop-shop for Corporations seeking advanced information and communications technology (ICT) services. He is also looking to leverage the company’s experience and successes in the corporate market to carve out a spot in the residential sector.

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  1. Where is Mark Quinton! Also gone is Bucknor. I wonder if Emera is the reason so many are leaving, quality of TB is dropping!


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