Dodging Those Scary Halloween Sweets by Canadian Motivational Speaker, Roslyn Franken

Roslyn Franken is the author of The A List: 9 Guiding Principles for Healthy Eating and Positive Living. She is a Weight-Wise Coach and Motivational Speaker on positive solutions for living health, weight-wise and stress-free. She hosts How to Thrive After 35 Talk Radio and is co-author of Death Can Wait: Stories from Cancer Survivors. For information, visit

Halloween is creeping upon us. Pumpkins, decorations, costumes and sugary treats abound. With all the extra sugary temptations within reach, if you’re trying to live a healthy and weight-wise life, Halloween can easily be one of the most trying holidays to overcome. So how can you and your family survive the most sugar-driven holiday of the year without sacrificing your health and weight-wise efforts? Here are some practical tips to help you skirt those Halloween sweets:

  1. Stick to mini-size chocolate and candy bars instead of the full-size.
  2. Don’t buy all YOUR favourites. Buy items you don’t like so you’re not as tempted.
  3. Consider not buying candy at all and hand out healthier choices instead such as mini-boxes of raisins, snack-sized bags of pretzels or popcorn, granola bars, fruit roll-ups or mini juice boxes.
  4. Hand out non-food items instead such as balloons and stickers.
  5. If you decide to buy candy, then don’t buy it till just before you need it and don’t buy more than you need to avoid leftovers. That way you’re not tempted ahead of time and you won’t be tempted to eat it post-Halloween because it’s ‘there’.
  6. Keep healthy items on hand for yourself to snack on instead of the candy while you’re handing out treats to the Trick-or-Treaters.
  7. Bring healthy snacks to the office to bypass the Halloween candy bowls at every corner.

Teach your children how to make the candy last by not letting them eat it all at once. Give them little treats with their lunches, surprise them with little treats. Let them know that they can have more another time.

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