Comrade Gonsalves? Ding-Dong! Qadaffy Duck is Dead: Are all Libyan Debts forgiven? Can the OECS benefit?

One can only be curious why the corpse of Muammar Qaddafi (always known as Qadaffy Duck for me, and will hereon be so dubbed in this item) was shown to the world in so many ways – video and photo – like when Saddam Hussein was hung and his neck snapped, yet not even a snip of the turban of Osama Bin Laden? Yet even that consideration pales in consideration for the Caribbean – with the death of the African despot, countries which received loans from there, are they now debt-free or will the Transitional Administration call their markers faster to replenish a new and poorer regime?

If you recall, in February 2010, it was broken here how Basseterre, Castries and Kingstown were among the territories which were to be recipients of staggered financing from Tripoli

August 2010 - "An embassy from Libya is to be established in Castries since that is the ‘capital‘ of the OECS, while a bank is to be built in Basseterre – Gonsalves sees it as part of establishing the Caribbean’s own demarcation point in making its own path without involvement from the USA." NOW THAT QADAFFY IS OUT, WHAT NEXT? STILL A TRIPOLI CONSULATE?

By August that year, word had gotten around and many were appalled that the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States accepted funds from what many consider as the homeland for the destruction of the Pan-Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland in the 80’s.

Prime Minister of St Vincent, Ralph Gonsalves, was indignant that people should question his methods of financing;-

Dr Gonsalves made it a point, while enrapturing audience members with his voice and his use of vocabulary at UWI’s Roy Marshall Theatre, to drive home the fact that while we are no better than anyone else nevertheless no one is better than us…

“This may be true but since we are a high quality people and just as much a high quality destination, do we not deserve to seek funding of a better quality? While Libya’s loans, grants and other services aresoft‘ – is not the reason for such an ease of acquiring their fiscal aid due to the questionability of their true global status?

What appears to irritating Gonsalves is that the USA are thinking that the Caribbean are somewhat like rebellious teenagers – such as when the cute girl hangs with the Neanderthal biker mainly to piss of dear ol’ Dad – but in his perspective if the USA can make or break deals then can’t the Eastern Caribbean?

Perhaps he saw the writing on the wall? Even Barack Obama hinted at it since April this year;-

But it is impossible to imagine a future for Libya with Qaddafi in power. The International Criminal Court is rightly investigating the crimes committed against civilians and the grievous violations of international law. It is unthinkable that someone who has tried to massacre his own people can play a part in their future government.”

Now Qadaffy’s duck is baked, what becomes of the money plowed into the OECS, Guyana & the Dominican Republic? Do they even want the Caribbean to recall? Thanks to the Internet, too late now…

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