Yacht Club 012

(UPDATE: No Fatality) – Barbados Cops try to stop Bajan Reporter from revealing early hour Bay Street accident

(UPDATE: No Fatality) – Barbados Cops try to stop Bajan Reporter from revealing early hour Bay Street accident

Yacht Club 012


A consultation with trusted sources indicated the collision on Bay Street was about 1:20 am at that time, the driver of the large vehicle was unscathed physically. The driver was 30 year old Anthony Davis.

The motorcyclist was kind of lucky but still complaining of pains to the right hand, forehead and left foot. 37 year old Wayne Harewood of St Barnabas Heights was subsequently sent to the QEH for treatment. BTW – my source was disappointed at how Police handled me and the situation, once I was not touching evidence and clearly identified myself then I should have experienced far more civility than was originally accorded!

ORIGINAL STORY approx. 3:00 am Sat. 1st October 2011

These photos are NOT the best in quality, I am lucky to have any at all! I was in Oistins with my Brother In Law, dropped him home and was heading for home… Traversing along Bay Street when I learned outside of Shell Banyan’s was taped off! If it was from one side to the next, I would have immediately diverted via Garrison and headed home, but they taped via Wallaba post to other post and so there was a gap technically not under jurisprudence?

This is when the cop stalks up to me like he is a member of the Green Lantern corps to indicate I must not be like Lobo but step away and move along…

So I parked by Indian Grill and walked the rest of the way, then a cop who was doing measurements asked me if I did not see the tape? I explained the path was not fully barred, he says he asked if I saw the tape or not… So I acknowledge there’s tape but I am not interfering with his investigation – he disputes this and tells me to move from the scene as I was snapping away! I was certain to look out for ignorance as I recalled how important pic’s from the Joe’s River accident got deleted!

Among the bystanders at Shell, I saw a former colleague from CBC who hailed me, I was walking towards them and the cop repeats I must leave – I state I am not photographing only talking to a former workmate, he repeats I must leave the area.

This was one of my more initial previews of the tragedy, while Police are doing their best to imitate a typical Bajan guard

Since I know the laws of Public Photography as it relates to Barbados (once you are on a Main Road and of a sufficient distance like 100 yards approximately, then it is Public Domain), I head back for my car – but snap some last photos of what appears to be a collision between a motorcyclist and a jeep by the gates of the Yacht Club and the officer who was measuring walks towards me, despite my identifying myself as from my own website…

This is by the exit gates of the Shell Banyan service station, this is when the cop taking measurements suddenly decides he can smell his own pee frothing and decides to attempt showing me Manhood by ordering me to leave…

I rush to my car and had a vehicle follow me from Bush Hill to Culloden Road, I was not moving slowly, sorry folks! These pictures are all I have, as I acquire details from trusted sources in the Law I will update this article… What amazed me is I am sure a Nation jeep was there to gather info too, MN 610 and yet they can stay inviolate?


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    LOL…I say have a duppy camera wid a blank memory card…!

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