Barbados Government recognises Info Technology is part of way from Doldrums, however no immediate steps will be enforced – Commerce Minister Benn admits

You cannot blame BGIS for the following piece of tripe, they are – after all – beholden to the very creatures which make them exist… But, be really honest, aren’t you tired of a story saying how ‘plans are afoot‘ and ‘consultants will help decide the best way forward‘ rather than “this is what Government is doing by April 2013 (timeline follows)” well don’t look for the previous statement in this bovine feces next release from the Government Information Service.

This was an intriguing company - they Ethically Hack your site to test its Security... Either they were rammed with Customers or disappeared while clients seemed in drought?

What is even more ironic is the Minister who’s quoted, the redoubtable Senator Haynesley Benn (whose son reads me, although I doubt now, LOL), who appears to be stepping in line with successive bullsh*tters Admin’s, only recently railed at how Public Sector drags its feet while Private Sector organises in mere hours;-

Information Communications Technology (ICT) will be used increasingly to assist government in achieving its goals.

This was abusTechnology's area with CEO Ferdinand Hinds {EXTREME RIGHT} overseeing with Marketing Manager Kerry Ward {2nd FROM RIGHT}; the company is in a dilemma not unlike Catch-22 with the Ministry of Education, I cannot reveal the full details but hopefully since Ronald Jones is trying to be more proactive, he can drag the Civil Service's thumb out of its collective butt for some overdue action!

This was the sentiment shared by Minister of Commerce and Trade, Senator Haynesley Benn, as he addressed attendees at Event Caribbean 2011, the Information Society of Barbados’ Conference and Exhibition, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Minister Benn revealed that consultants had been commissioned to develop action plans which would address the creation of an ICT human resource database and the creation of an institutional framework for the sector. He said there were also plans to develop a Research, Innovation and Adoption Unit.

Minister Benn issuing placebo's, um, addressing the ISB - It should be expectedhe cannot be precise when Barbados goes ICT oriented, if he cannot examine REDjet's latest challenges nor reveal what is latest on Revised Basket Of Goods under new VAT of 17.5%

It has been suggested that the main function of this unit [would] be to develop, direct and execute relevant, dynamic and rigorous ICT programmes in Barbados. It is also suggested that this agency be the local hub providing ICT research to the Government of Barbados, educational institutions, [and] the business community,” he explained.

Engendering a more positive environment for those interested in the sciences was also addressed, as Senator Benn noted that a science and technology institute had also been proposed.

Pamela Roach (and True Blood fan), Marketing Manager of Global Directories, who apart from '' have for Mobile users - ''

The entity, he explained, would be used to “bridge the gap between secondary school and university level education”, in an effort to mitigate the current high drop-out rate of university-level science students.

The joys of an IP phone? Paul Alfano has not been in his official Office in Canada since 2001, he travels all over for Mitel Networks who is now in partnership with TeleBarbados

Ensuring that ICT-related courses of study were accredited, was also listed as an area of concern, with a recommendation that the Technical and Vocational Educational and Training Council, and the Barbados Accreditation Council be mandated to address this issue.

Event Caribbean 2011, which tackled a range of topics including the role of social media and the importance of e-business to economic development, lasted only two days – Tuesday & Wednesday. {MOST DATA VIA NH/BGIS}

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