CJ Gibson 006

Barbados Chief Justice calls for “SENSE OF URGENCY” in Courts while addressing UWI

Barbados Chief Justice calls for “SENSE OF URGENCY” in Courts while addressing UWI

CJ Gibson 006

{ACKNOWLEDGMENT – Deep gratitude for occasionally contumacious Associates at Grape Hall, maybe we do not see eye to eye on all matters, insh’allah – but we do reach an accord where it matters}

The chief Justice says Technology should not be feared – granted there's misuse like using Facebook, Twitter or BBM to relay decisions before the Foreman or Magistrate hands them down; at the same time? There are benefits like when it needs to be known if an accused has a prior record, then computers prevent one driving from the City to Boarded Hall by clicking a mouse instead!

Marston Gibson, spoke at the 5th University of the West Indies Distinguished Alumnus  for UWIAA, where the Mount restaurant was almost at capacity… Despite many Bajans objectingto the changing of the law to accommodate one man, so far he looks good. Given time many may reconsider their view towards him – if he does what he says he is going to do.

BARP's Alphea Wiggins posed a question for the Chief Justice and it was one of many queries!

He’s fighting the old boy network, but because he’s not really part of it he’s our best chance. Think of it: he has a pension and independent wealth from his career in the USA. He was away from the island and the politics. He has been conditioned by his law practice in the USA where they wouldn’t put up with 10% of the abuses that happen in our courts. He was in Nassau County where he’s used to slapping lawyers upside the head and telling them to get on with it. So far, I like the man based on his presentations.

If Gibson can bring rule of law to Barbados courts, modernize the courts so the system works, his legacy for good done for Bim might far exceed that of many more famous and revered.

These last few days in the papers he’s laid out some of what he intends. He’s said that he needs some legislative changes to make some of what he wants to happen and you know what a lost hope that is. He’ll be 90 years old before those legislative changes take place and he knows it. Besides, the legislative changes are where they can derail him and his concepts of real, blind, justice delivered equally for all no matter wealth or station.

Barbados has no court reporters so there are generally no transcripts made. Lawyers stand up one week and say X and next week they say Y and there is no record. Check it out, he even cites such an incident in this video where a file VANISHES. Without transcripts and proper records nobody can be held accountable and the system devolves into “he said, she said” fights all the time.

{EXTREME LEFT} Public relations Officer of the University of the West Indies Alumni Assoc. (B'dos Chapter) with Chief Justice Marston Gibson at head table at the Mount Restaurant recently

What are his three main bugbears of the local Judiciary? How does he plan to address it with legislation as is?? (BTW, thx to VOB for using my query to get their 8:30 am Headline for yesterday’s latest – check ur inbox for a Bill, Stetson! JK, I think...) {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Milord Gibson says the Courts work hard, no doubt of it, but not well – he likened it to cutting a lawn with a scissors… By the time you reach North, then the Southern end needs re-doing!

If a civil decision for a Condo case can drag into two decades what would potential investors do? The Chief Justice assesses their own reactions {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The Chief Justice says whether investors are Chinese, German or whatever Nationality – they use technology to research if Disputes are settled amicably and swiftly… When they learn how long cases take in Barbados, they’re more likely to go to Malaysia or Singapore.

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