Barbados cannot decide if to lure LIAT or romance REDjet… Has the time come for West Indians to jail CARICOM Ministers? Hold them accountable for Conflicts Of Interest?

The Caribbean’s Low Fares Carrier REDjet continues to endure hardships reminiscent of the black & white film serials from the early 1900’s into the 60’s – known as the Perils of Pauline, which was the inspiration for the late 60’s and early 70’s cartoon Penelope Pitstop

Why hold a Press Conference in April speaking of different levels of aircraft to handle routes from Florida to Central America? Does that sound like Big Ticket destinations only? REDjet may be run by Irish, but that does not mean they're drinking on the job - or in another way put? They were not born yesterday nor in Cucumber season!

At first, Freundel Stuart was ready to engage in a war of words with Trinidad’s Kamla and Jamaica’s Bruce for REDjet to ply their routes with CAL, the only person seeming at Fault was the Minister of Seafood George Hutson, Minister of International Transport who seemed more interested in eating shrimp at Canada Day at the Barbados Museum helping LIAT buy new craft to fight REDjet be more competitive in the new era of lower prices.

(N.B. - APOCRYPHAL) {IN NAVY SHIRT} "Say, where'd the prawns go?" {H.E. RUTH ARCHIBALD IN RED LEISURE OUTFIT} "I'm sorry George you just ate the last of the shrimp, we just had to send an e-mail to our New Brunswick trawlers..."

St Lucia has given permission for REDjet to grace their tarmacs – not only all of Castries but Alan Chastanet are all screaming for REDjet more than they ever screamed for ice cream, but all of a sudden Barbados says hold on – poor LIAT… WHAT? Then Seafood, uh, George is quoted by the Nation Newspaper as saying that REDjet should stick to big-ticket routes;- “…when REDjet came in there was no talk of going into the islands…” {PRINT EDITION DAILY NATION: Back Page 11/10/2011}

Shades of Freedom Williams here (H’Mmm??), how can one claim REDjet gave no indication they’d be plying smaller islands when from October 16th at the launch of what was then known as Airone-IE they gave full indication they would play the airways from as far north as Fort Lauderdale and as southerly as either Panama or Cancun depending on what craft will be available for the longer hauls?

The airline boasts a staff of 64 persons – two thirds from Barbados – and it hopes to establish bases throughout the Caribbean and Latin America in the coming years.WHERE DO YOU GATHER BIG TICKET DESTINATIONS ONLY FROM THAT THERE, GEORGIE? SUFFERING FROM SHRIMP DEPRIVATION??

Lemme make it in terms you understand, Georgie, once REDjet is fully operational they will use large trawlers for the Big Shrimp routes like GY, TT, etc. For the smaller routes they will eventually purchase appropriate trawlers to ply those areas – BUT THEY NEED TO SELL FLIGHTS AND EMPLOY BAJANS BEFORE THAT HAPPENS, CAPISCE??

That is why Bajan Reporter is so angry over the issue, there are Barbadian Jobs at stake – when Kamla and Bruce were dancing to the tune of Jack Warner, the Caribbean’s Low Fares Carrier was forced to lay off Barbadians as they only serviced Guyana, instead of 3 destinations… Is or is NOT REDjet a Barbadian carrier? Why are you treating it like an outside child?

These folk were happy in October, how many will still be happy if Barbados' protectionist stance (which they chided TT & Kingston for not so long ago) causes them to be unemployed? After all that specialised training?

In LIAT’s case, it is expected they will run scared – they have been given more chances than Rihanna ever gave Chris Brown, yet they still treat their privilege like a left shoe in the middle of Pamplona’s ‘Running Of The Bulls‘ – I was made to understand from regional media sources that LIAT doesn’t really lose luggage, what they learned is that it seems the current planes cannot hold that amount of baggage and so some are abandoned for flight to continue? My source also indicated many LIAT employees feel bulletproof and so do what the hell they feel as their job is as safe or safer than any Civil Servant across the region!

In desperation, LIAT is taking advantage of Barbados’ flip-flop on the matter by implying Low Rates are only for now {PRINT EDITIONFront Page: SUNDAY SUN 16/10/2011}, and sooner or later airfares will return to previous standards (which were a collapse of what Allen Stanford had lowered them with both Caribbean Sun and C’bean Starthat’s another story) and if REDjet is not careful, it will become like how LIAT is viewed – does that not mean the Caribbean flight agency not only recognises its poor reputation but ACCEPTS and worse… RESIGNED to a stature of regional pillory? So don’t do better, but be as bad as we are? SMDH

(N.B. - APOCRYPHAL) Sealy (2nd From Left): "Gimme a few free flights and I happy, but Georgie is different cocktail, I dunno if there's enough Shrimp in the world for him..." Robbie (Extreme Left): "Man, I'm sure you're exaggerating..." Ian (2nd From Right): "Oh Crap, Robbie, he may be on - we had no Shrimp and I don't recall seeing him at this launch?" Juleika (Extreme Right): "I'll get Nydia to pencil in some for future flight debuts..."

But it’s okay to push LIAT over REDjet? Does this not defy sections 6 & 7 of the Treaty of Chaguaramas which forms the basis of CARICOM? Is it not time to uphold CARICOM, or else abandon it, if we truly believe in regional integration then the Government Ministers who plow money in LIAT which does not live up to its theory (why do so many call itLuggage In Another Terminal” orLeave Island Any Time“), should be tried for Conflict of Interest and sent to jail! Let real people who want to do their job, come forward not be Permanent Secretaries who are Directors of LIAT (which is more Conflict of Interest in yuh Nen-Nen)!

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  1. I am so sick and tired of the politicians. They never do anything strategically or big picture.


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