Asphalt Vs. Concrete: Where does Road Taxes of Barbados Go? Not on Golf Club Rd – Transport Minister John Boyce seems mute

You ever drive through Fontabelle? Been by Quality Motors? There’s a concrete road I found there when I was a young child growing up Bim; just learned the cement was laid about 50 years ago – so it is way older than me! Concrete roads are initially more expensive but are far more cost effective as they outlast an asphalt road not meant for tropical weather when the first real dose of drought weather hits the tar then warp happens faster than you can say, “Where are my Road Tax dollars spent, if at all?

This is the well which has no proper capping which if one weekend a Tourist who's had too much of our Rum drops in, then the Crown may pay a bill larger than they'd like?

The alternative stretch to H’way 7 which carries one from Dayrells Rd to below Rendezvous Hill depending which way you traverse, apparently has asphalt so old that it is no point in patching craters potholes, you need to dig up and remove the old foundation and start from scratch, perhaps cement instead like St Patrick’s Roundabout?

Was looking at a Saturday Sun, not long ago to see how many stories they stole from me of mine inspired them and I realised they understood the same thing, how Golf Club Road is deteriorating rapidly and when is it being fixed since this is a main artery of Barbados.

This is a picture taken of Minister Boyce in 2010, it remains an appropriate photo - not only is he still in charge of this Cabinet portfolio, his attitude also appears to be like the picture, seemingly mum on the matter of major road repairs... Perhaps if Bajans stopped paying Road Tax en masse?

Especially by the cul-de-sac leading to the Chinese Embassy, there’s an uncapped well where cars constantly burst tyres and residents say it’s just a matter of time before a tourist breaks their ankle and then maybe it will finally get fixed? Neighbours explained how even a petition was signed by all in the area to get this sorted out, it was even discovered what are the correct procedures to have the road fixed and why.

When pedestrians are along this stretch of Golf Club Rd they usually run as there are so many puddles that no motorist can avoid all and some splash is bound to happen as the potholes are so cavernous they may need another geological classification?

I feel that if a Utility company digs up a road and does not repair it, then when Government does the job instead, they should not only invoice it  but deduct it from what they owe that Utility for the following month in lieu of cash for the reconstruction they were forced to initiate! Minister of this portfolio, John Boyce does not know what is happening to the 3S lawsuit but can inform you about Princess Alice H’way and the gabions along the East Coast…

However there are other areas than Golf Club Road, why is the Kingsland stretch parallel to Deighton Griffith Secondary only partially repaired after weeks of scarification? All the way to Montrose Supermarket before you reach the Salvation Army church. As for heading to Milton Lynch primary, the road gets even more atrocious! Perhaps all Barbadians should withhold Road Taxes until results are forthcoming?

Another angle of your Road Tax dollars on hiatus, maybe Al Barrack's vexatious fee can tell us where the money went?

Am I paying Road Tax? Is there a point? I miss when everyone knew for sure Elections were coming, all of the roads across the island would be made like new once more – don’t believe me, ask Al Gilkes, I remember he wrote a column once saying he wished Elections were every year so roads would be kept properly by both sides!

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