Statistics & Recidivism – Why the Backlog for Judiciary of Barbados?

Commissioner Of Police Darwin Dottin has accused Social Media of wanting to see Police fail in maintaining law & order, stopping short of naming names – I think he was referring to Barbados Free Press, yet even there I feel he’s being rather harsh (Well, they’re not about to come forward and initiate or defend suits now, are they?)… So no one must question what is being done to control crime? Just because the Commissioner keeps clucking over and that “...the sky is not falling,” does not necessarily make it so nor is there indeed a need to ignore concerns from the population over recent spate of events!

These are some of the areas believed to have been targetted by the suspects... Money or Cigarettes were the items of choice!

The Commissioner’s concerns over abuse of Blackberries I do agree with, when Bajans can transmit a false message that cops have been shot I have seen people cursing their own BBM posses for spreading false info and threatening to delete users on Facebook! In fact, it has reached the stage now where I do not take any BB message as Gospel unless I query the source or pass it by official sources to see if there is either a fire or smoke to probe…

Meanwhile, thirteen murders in the last four months is not very good for tourists to hear, when St Lucia still has a comparable or lower rate, however barely, granted ten of the 13 got solved meaning a solution rate of 70% but how many can you say have capture, jailed or convicted? Is that not the ultimate result?

Bertie & Darwin - Friends at last? Only Mavado & Vybez Kartel know for sure...

Please bear in mind this is a preliminary report – an edited video of a major portion of the Press Conference is in the process of getting prepared – however, the whole experience down at Roebuck Street showed where the Law can do more to either be aware of its lack of data or improve the way data is transmitted especially in the day and age where iPad’s, Tablets, Thrives and other devices can speed up procedures magnificently.

It is accepted the Force did well in apprehending and laying charges at Charles Frederick, Deon Maynard/Grant & Andrew Edwards in connection to the violent deaths of an Austrian visitor and his Bajan father-in-law on August 2nd. However, both Grant or Maynard and Frederick are Deportees! The Commissioner says there have been 1,037 deportees since 1987 out of those people between 2006 and 2010 there were 246 – there were 42% from USA, then 25% from Canada and 11% from UK.

You did wrong here and you did wrong abroad - so why are are you trying to hide your face NOW??

When I asked the Commissioner how many of these were recidivists, the Commissioner gave me a similar answer I got from then Chargé D’Affaires Brent Hardt last year during an RSS conference, which is that they suspect it is not high… Analysis is yet to be conducted – you’ve had from 1987 which, if I’m not mistaken is when Dr Hardt first came to Barbados as an Officer for the US Embassy, and you have all those OTHER figures and you do not know how many have a severe or lesser degree of recidivism? (BTW: Hi to Julia at Barbados Today, this is the correct spelling of RECIDIVISM for the next time you’re gonna t’ief a piece from my questioning)

The Commissioner hinted some convicted feel it is a badge of honour to either repeat or be Deported - what does Barbados do to stem the tide?

I was a little surprised at one point while waiting for snapping an image of the purported felons that when constables were summoned to do crowd control for another case (Police say only the mother can come forward, and yet the people asking if not his brother or child-mother? What part ofHIS MOTHERdo you not understand?), one of the officers was ready to corral the media? The Sergeant briskly remonstrated to the young man it was not us, as we had permission, but to deal with people over another section of the courtyard – are Bloggers and Media still so reviled?

Another matter, why do Police in this computerised era carry huge ledgers which while looking as though brand new still resemble what Bob Cratchitt was cowering under when Ebenezer had a tirade so long afar? I saw one of the local gendarmerie with not even one but two such items while waiting for the accused to appear so as to snap a shot for veracity. I mentioned to the officer in question wouldn’t he rather two iPad’s instead and he glared at me and asked WHY?

Unsuccessfully hiding his face here is 36 year old Charles Frederick; the small man in red shirt is known both as Deon Grant & Deon Maynard (he's the oldest at 37) while the fellow in the green shirt yet without glasses is 31 year old Andrew Edwards - the youngest is said to have assisted in the robbery of Attorney Barry Gale

I was so stunned, you mean you LIKE being antiquated? The obsolescence even explained why I felt like I was imitating “Waiting For Godot” while outside Criminal Court #1 waiting on the three who faced 13 charges between them including a particularly nasty case from St Thomas, as I was roasting in the bright one o’clock afternoon sun, the Clerk was writing Warrants for the alleged perpetrators BY HAND!

Even one of the other shutterbugs was asking why not have a laptop where you type up the charges and send it to a wireless Main Printer? Then a Sergeant looked at us and with equal mix of joviality and seriousness said we should ask or suggest it to the Attorney General, and help make their lives easier, but the cop added the recently changed rules are – Warrants have to be prepared before accused are transferred from the dock to remand (Police is not the only anachronistic area, I understand Customs complain for REDjet’s almost fully digital method of booking flights has drawn their ire for a lack of paper, I thought this would earn gratitude not consternation?)…

However, all is not lost the Police are trying to do their part to advance technologically by themselves, a Facebook page has been created – this is good for not only doing Neighbourhood Watches, but for a more direct query to Officers when matters even pertaining to lesser issues may need advice or guidance.

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  1. Mr Bourne just what is your beef with Police, do they ever do anything right?

  2. Mr Bourne doesn’t stand for foolishness! I mean really, the same police you defend now can be more observant of criminal ways of men and women instead of chugging rum in Oistins or Baxter’s Road, if their uniforms are to instill fear or respect with kids it must start with the respect they have for themselves and if they have fear of their own bosses.


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