Six Million Dollar Plan – REDjet to open at least 150 jobs in 2012, vow to be more proactive in Social Media

REDjet's Chief Executive Officer: Ian Burns gave a detailed power point presentation looking at every aspect of the recent situation when extensive repairs affected flights

Despite a currently depressed Economy of Barbados – more jobs are waiting in the the wings of next year, this is what REDjet projects based on their amazing sales performance despite recent setbacks. The influx of business compared to only three vessels to accommodate the workload has led REDjet’s shareholders to invest more in the company to expand faster than originally intended {CLICK FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Shareholders added an extra $6,000,000 so REDjet can look to not only have more in their fleet but add at least 150 more staff in 2012, among them 48 Cabin Crew and 25 pilots, they are also by the end of this year looking to expand into South America and head for Panama!

This was confirmed by REDjet’s CEO Ian Burns in a special conference at GAIA’s VIP Room, Mr Burns was reviewing REDjet’s first major challenge which was due to technical circumstances beyond their control. Even with the recent hiccough which affected flights to POS, they had a punctuality of flights which was 92.5% in July and 83.2% for August – when juxtaposed with an International standard of at least 85% to be considered at the very least, “GOOD” the CEO was proud of his team despite the challenge just overcome. Mr Burns explained how REDjet’s growth is phenomenal, thus the plans for Antigua via Guyana; as well as trips to St Maarten & St Lucia later this year {CLICK FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Their Guyana route was originally projected to be 55% capacity for the months of July and August whereas the reality was 78% for July and a whopping 85% for August!

However, the airline executive reiterated he will not be endangering passengers and crew simply to make bean-counters be happy {CLICK FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

A plane cannot become airborne simply because it “MAY BE” safe to use the craft, Engineers and Piots must verify and double-check that the craft are 100% capable to head for the skies!

Corporate Communications Expert Nyssa pierre stressed the need for accurate contact info when booking a trip with REDjet since if there is a last minute change and passengers cannot be reached, this will add to an already disruptive situation

Mr Burns expressed regret that his team did not capitalise on their website or Social Media to update their supporters on repairs, but assured the media this will not happen again. Nevertheless, Mr Burns also noted many Guyanese passengers left contact numbers or e-mail addresses which turned out to be obsolete, this in turn leads to confusion for check in’s – he urged all passengers when making reservations to be current as possible when leaving details in case of a change in flight plans.

Nyssa Pierre, their Corporate Communications Expert, also added they are looking at new ways to handle Guyana’s traffic since Internet penetration is not as heavy as other islands {CLICK FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

REDjet is looking at more advertisements via TV and/or Radio stations for Guyanese consumers, since the Internet is not as widely used there…

Chief Operations Officer, Kevin Dudley, explained why the potential flaw took so long to be adjusted {CLICK FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The COO stated in all his three decades of his aeronautical career he’s never seen a problem as complicated as this one was, he added when the hydraulics of a plane of this stature is involved, it’s not as simple as sending a car into a shop, it takes more analysis!

A comparative analysis of REDjet's baggae policy indicates why Passengers save more on a flight, since most other regional carriers do not afford such a facility {CLICK FOR BIGGER}

When queried on the age of the MD-82 fleet, Mr Dudley was very firm in his avowal of their functionality {CLICK FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

On beiing questioned if more planes means less MD-82’s, Mr Dudley categorically stated that this is the pane of choice not only for Barbados but all over the world – their age has nothing to do with capability as he drew on an analogy how one may say you have a broom for 40 years but you may change the bristles or the handle so how old is the appliance really?

Chief Operations Officer (COO) Kevin Dudley assuring journalists the MD-82's while designed by McDonnell are maintained by Boeing and therefore when Boeing sent their Engineerring team to assist in solving recent challenges, it was actuially a vote of confidence in REDjet as well as upholding their reputation as an aeronautical manufacturer

The REDjet CEO admitted they could have used their website and Facebook page more often to keep people abreast of difficulties but the challenge is in establishing when repairs were deemed fully rectified, so rather than take another chance like that with everyone’s favourite Low Fares carrier, REDjet has made arrangements to have alternatives to be deployed at a moment’s notice {CLICK FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

There are other craft on standby in a special leasing arrangement to be called at a moment’s notice when required and this move is separate from the proposed expansion of REDjet’s fleet.

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  1. It was really encouraging to read your post, I look forward to when they reach Castries.

  2. oh, you should have been at Piarco last nite pardnuh!

  3. Why do you feel one little message will clear away their utter cuntery? It all there in Facebook now, take a look Mr Redjet


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