One-All Draws draw packed National Stadium: DLP pledges better facilities while St Michael NE’s MP spurs Small Business


Conquerors against the Combined All Stars clashed against equally tight defenses and a similar development unfolded for the Main Event when T.S. Strikers squared off with Broad St Men & Women’s Red Tridents, despite a challenging and perhaps frustrating 1-all victory in both sets, nevertheless the games for the debut of the $100-thousand series went off without any untoward or tragic incidents over support for one team over another’s choice, well done all!

With the assistance of LIME and other patriotic private sector entities - Mia Mottley is stimulating the Barbados economy and over the weekend (September 11, 2011) close to 20,000 patriotic Barbadians became part of history, when Barbados' first semi-professional football tournament, was launched - of course - under the leadership of Mia Amor Mottley, Q.C., M.P.


When the initial LIME Pelican Football Challenge went off without a hitch (video highlights to come) the Stadium was jammed and patrons sauntered out by just before 10:00 pm. I was heading back to my car when I see the vehicle next to mine still had some kind of balls swinging – a guy and a very cute girl were bustybusy” so I just rushed to the car and pretended nothing happened, ahem, until I drove off…

PARP-PARP-PARP!!! IT’S ALL OKAY NOW, YOU CAN GET BACK TO IT, Y’HEAR?” while I was waving vigorously with a wicked grin on my face and laughing all the way home…


It was a very pleasant and delightful synergy where BLP and DLP did not act as if they were Montagues and Capulets, I hope all politicians in Barbados pay attention, you do not have to be foaming at the mouth against one another even if there’s a possibility of elections around the corner?

This Red Trident player was so determined to use Bengue's to chase away his cramps my nostrils began to water from the menthol aroma wafting my way!

Stephen Lashley as Sports Minister is fully aware that the National Stadium needs more than paint and mops to make it a venue worthy of overseas competitors once again;-

Platers from both teams in the 2nd game, while looking grim - yet still maintaining the standard of behaviour in keeping with all Global Tournaments...

It is a key strategy of my Ministry to place on the statute books a Sports Development Act to provide the critical legislative support to allow this sector to grow in the way that we know it can.”

Another member of the growing number of iPad users in Barbados, Minister of Sports - Stephen Lashley

The young Minister who had early days at VOB as a journalist in their Newsroom (also playing a significant role at Barbados Public Worker’s Cooperative Credit Union) also lamented the current status of the National Stadium;-

The Government also recognizes the need for adequate facilities to support the development of a sports industry. In this regard and at the level of the community, we have been upgrading the pavilions island-wide and we will soon commence the construction of two new pavilions and resource centres.

At the national level, we are about to upgrade the National Stadium, which has not seen a face-lift for some 7 years. This will include the replacement of the track, along with upgrading of areas for the field events, the football field, the lighting system, dressing rooms and bathroom facilities. We further recognise the need to upgrade the seating in the stands. Upgrading this will have to be factored in as resources become available.”

He indicated that since Barbados is a Small Island Developing State, boosting infrastructure as it relates to Sports holds a specific priority and nevertheless an International Standard Soccer Field is on the horizon if not the immediate future.


St Michael North East MP Mia Mottley and LIME's Country Manager for B'dos & EC - Alex McDonald greeting players before competition ensues in earnest

If one can see the Minister of Finance, CBC’s Andi “Roots Rock Sugar Daddy” Thornhill, Opposition Candidate Trevor Prescod among others rubbing elbows and cracking jokes then how can supporters of local soccer, however violent, show a marked difference when leaders of this country are harmonising even in the midst of diversity?

Fmr Tourism Minister Noel Lynch chatting with Andi "Akele" Thornhill and Trevor Prescod as Chris Sinckler secures last minute details before he does one of the draws for the evening's half-time show

Here’s what one spectator posed to me shortly after the initial games…

Mia Mottley: Not Making Sport – Encouraging the People to Stimulate the Barbados Economy

Since October 2010 – a very sterile debate has been raging in Barbados, whether the chicken or the egg comes first – in terms of the society and the economy. But with the Barbados Economy in crisis; Bajans not having money to spend and the Government doing everything possible to convince the country that it ‘does not know what it is doing or what to do’ to ease the pain Barbadians are feeling – the DLP alleges that Barbados is an society and not just and economy – a perfect distraction tactic. Perhaps concluding that its core competency was under attack, the new BLP Leadership responded, immediately causing an otherwise irrelevant DLP, to feel that it was setting the agenda for public discourse.

What most independent analyst will now find laughable – is the fact that while she does not enjoy the support of five of her Parliamentary colleagues, who seem to think little of her leadership; organising and mobilising skills (despite the fact that on the three occasions the BLP won the Government – she was the Campaign Manager) Mia Mottley has again created history by organising Barbados’ first semi-professional Football Tournament, which is a unique display of people and enterprise – working in partnership, in the national interest.

In fact, while a minority within the BLP seem to find her “unacceptable” – some 20,000 people were prepared to flock to the National Stadium Sunday night (September 11, 2011) and paid between $10 and $20 to lend their support to an initiative organised by her. Now, that is a vote of confidence!

In a down economy and at relatively short notice, to draw this many Bajans on a Sunday night is somewhat phenomenal!

But even at a time when the DLP is losing popularity, there is a growing list who feel that the Opposition is equally as busy, engaging in the politics of the past – and that even while it alleges that Barbadians are suffering, instead of accepting the sound advice given by Mia Mottley and like her – ‘do good works’ to help the people, “now” – the Opposition does the unthinkable and tells Barbadians that it can make things better for them, but only if they make it the Government. It is not surprising that thousands of Barbadians find Mia Mottley’s sound coordinated approach and her Model for: “A New, Just & Well-Ordered Society & Sustainable Green Economy,” acceptable.

She is not the Prime Minister of Barbados, at least not yet. She is not the Minister of Finance. She is not the Minister of Sports or the President of the BFA - or even Leader of the Opposition and yet - Mia Mottley is stimulating the Barbados Economy and putting money in the pockets of ordinary Barbadians and at a time too when the Government is busy taxing, spending and blaming.

But while all of the old-style BLP/DLP drama is going on, Mia Mottley has taken a simple thing like football, and is showing that you do not have to be the Government to do things to: help Barbadians cope; hold their heads above water and keep body and soul together, during this difficult time. In what has to be economics made simple, Mia Mottley is stimulating the economy – ending the recession of footballers, while at the same – providing a creative advertising and marketing opportunity for Hairdressers; Boutiques and Stores. And to think – with a simple thing like ‘Football,’ which has been played (without purpose or meaning in Barbados) for decades.

A foreshadowing where Opposition, Ruling Party and both Private and Public sector can quietly decide the next move - in this case, who kicks the football away for the inaugural match?

As I sat in the National Stadium, I could not help noticing that the only time I witnessed such a massive crowd there – was in the early years of the National Senior Games. But even then, the games were free. At this football tournament – the entrance fee at this preliminary stage is $10 or $20 for VIP, and yet – the Stadium was ‘jam-packed.‘ In comparison to the FIFA World Cup, the only thing missing was those funny sounding instruments. But my ears are happy!

Action from the first game, however, video highlights of both matches - coming soon!

What a statement! That in a recession, in which the government is behaving as though it has no options, and where the Opposition seems more concern with becoming the Government than helping the very people is claims – are suffering as a result of flawed DLP policies – Mia Mottley has taken a simple game of football and is demonstrating the inter-play between her apparent model for a: “New; Just and Well-Ordered Society and New Sustainable Green Economy.” With her putting money into people’s pockets during this difficult recession, there is a crystal clear but unintentional statement being made – that: it really does not matter who the Minister of Finance of Barbados is, as long as you know what to do and what you are doing.

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  1. I was expecting riots when teams lost and I am glad was wrong. I like the story of that couple you shared and I will be looking forward to more posts on these games.


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