Barbados Division of United Nations does not see Global Entity as Policing the World

As regular readers would be well aware of by now – I tend to more than dabble in Science Fiction, it has intriguing interactions with Real Life from time to time such as now… James P. Hogan looked at world where Hitler almost won, the USA in 1974 under John F. Kennedy engaged in a top secret project to not only perform chronological change but alter history as they knew it!

DRAFT version of the Caribbean Human Development Report on Citizen Security

Churchill as an old man and as a young boy plays significant roles in “The Proteus Operation,” which lends plausible explanations why certain aspects of World War II played out the the way they did – it acknowledged how Neville Chamberlain really messed up the League Of Nations and how the United Nations was formed thereafter not to make the same mistakes Chamberlain did and allow another Hitler in the world, so in this sense the UN is a policing body of global nature…

Dr William Harriott, of the UNDP Regional Team leading the development of the Caribbean Human Development Report on Citizen Security; with Ms. Michelle Gyles-McDonnough, UNDP Resident Representative and UN Resident Coordinator

In this sense without revealing spoilers, I have stayed within the current context of the UN as I understood it even BEFORE I read that well thought-out SF novel. What does it have to do with the UNDP here? I would like you to take the time and watch this video, which is highlights taken from a Press Briefing for the Caribbean Human Development Report on Citizen Security which was held Wednesday 14 September 2011 at the UN House, Marine Gardens, Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados.

All media houses were in attendance, but it was Starcom/B'dos Today & ye olde BR which were like a company of wolves scenting fresh caribou

An independent Human Development Report facilitated by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) calls for a shift from state security to citizens’ security in the Caribbean, while it offers concrete recommendations on how to address security challenges in the region. The Report will be released in December 2011, after a process of national consultations. SO WHY ARE YOU HAVING A CONFERENCE BEFORE THE FINDINGS ARE RATIFIED?

Several countries of the region are faced with high rates of violent crime and non-criminalized forms of social violence typically directed at members of vulnerable groups. As the elevated rate of violent crime limits choices and life chances, it deteriorates human development. DOES THIS NOT CALL OUT FOR THE UNITED NATIONS TO ENFORCE GOVERNMENTS TO IMPLEMENT MEASURES? WASN’T THE U.N. CREATED TO PREVENT ANOTHER HITLER OR MUSSOLINI?

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