Barbadian Infamy – One Year On, Campus Trendz: Can Police do more?

Why does it appear Police are galvanised into action for either a number of factors – hushing up Social Media (Upside faster access to details & downsideprejudicing a case before selecting Jurors); the relative of a Police Officer or a crime  acted against a wealthy or politically connected persona or their business; or – when Public Outcry demands a Common Sense result before Vigilante-ism rears its ugly head (like the crisis on Wellington Street when residents acted on what they felt was a paedophile, while subsequently they turned out to be correct… Suppose it was WRONG?)!

Press Briefing for when the homegrown assailants were caught that took six female lives, what is their final fate? Remand "sine die"?

If Police had more staff, better equipment and improved wages what level of a difference would it make? Not would it make a change, that is a foregone given, it is by how much productivity or effectiveness would suddenly get honed within the RBPF?  One cannot in reality expect every request for staff, salaries, gear and other needs to be met fully or instantaneously? Yet one cannot help but ponder how would all cases then be treated with their due vigour instead of those which have a personal or professional stake or orders are given from on High?

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