If one does not purchase from ackee vendors the lightest you may get away with is verbal abuse, otherwise you may get someone trying to damage your vehicle?

Ian Bourne! Why ya don’ buy my F*****G ackees?” Was a charming salutation lobbed at me one day while close to the Bussa Roundabout in Haggatt Hall while heading for my job at that time… Oh sure, I am gonna screech my brakes, pull over, and walk back to the dude – crying that I have not done my part to support small Business? Do I look like I use unorthodox pharmaceuticals? Simplified, NO, I am not buying ackees – especially YOUR F*****G ackees!!

Over the years I have watched variations of this “business” establish itself at various venues – when one turns by Erdiston away from the British High Commission’s “Ben Mar” and sail towards St Winifred’s school at the point where you emerge on the Pine East/West Boulevard there’s a peanut vendor with a Chinese ‘coolie‘ hat, they’re polite and give no issue if you decline.

I have no idea if this is the same vendor who cursed at me years ago, but this is by the Bussa Roundabout...

Others apart from Coconut vendors have also hijacked taken new spots, like by Deighton Griffith Secondary near Kingsland estate in Christ Church (those coconut vendors are supposed to cart their own shells to the Landfill as the material can damage even Sanitation’s tough compactors – getting those dudes to comply is a next story, thank God some have formed an alliance and sell their water to Big B Supermarkets, which means fewer now on the road), one day after I finished visiting my father – I was waiting to merge back on to the ABC Highway by the school in question, as I was coming to a halt, a vendor stands in front of my car (I was moving slowly since there were gravelly roadworks) and I indicated I did NOT want any ackees…

It was somewhat overcast that afternoon so this vendor by Rendezvous had on more clothes than usual in plying her trade to attract motorists

The response was not good enough, obviously, since the idiot seller started to try and dig at a sticker I have on my car? Is he MAD? When he saw I braked sharply and my reverse lights came on, he ran from my vehicle… Man, was I vex! I called the Oistins police station and they said they’d send two officers over “to have a chat” – now, what sort of guarantee does that provide for the public you are sworn to Serve & Protect? So in order to avoid persecution, I must buy whether I want to or not? Is this sales or domestic terrorism? Maybe vendors should be forced to attend Dale Carnegie lessons?

I am made to understand that in the Dominican Republic they have a similar trade plying and the sellers behave even worse than Barbados! This does not excuse the vendors here, if anything it shows why they should behave even more so… However, checking with certain sources in Government and otherwise indicate there’s no specific legislation to handle the ackee sellers – if they’re unlicensed is the only way Police can clamp down on them!

There are two by the Garfield Sobers Roundabout, their approach is different – it is two girls usually dressed as close to a bikini as possible… While this is clever, it can lead to more accidents and waylaying a usually free-flowing vein of Bajan traffic which needs only the slightest excuse to clog up to a crawl.

This man is by Carter's near Wildey's Texaco, he actually walks up and down between cars - which is dangerous since there is the nearby School Crossing of Luther Thorne Memorial?

Yes, there is a need especially these days to create one’s own employment, but safety has to be a factor, so how clever is the idea for making money if you cause more problems than you solve? Will Parliament only seek to legislate such vendors when one of their own chauffeurs or family is the victim of an accident caused by such a vendor? The same way traffic lights only got installed in Orange Hill, St James after a horrific accident?

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  1. these ppl really get on my nerves, is only since i started working that i realised how much of a nuisance these “vendors” can be @ traffic times etc. the man on wildey road does seriously piss me off on a regular.

  2. My man you is quite radical. However, I can not believe you would look to take bread from a poor black man, all you whites alike in the end. If you so offended maybe you should try not travelling. In any event you ever buy some ackees for peace sake?


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