REDjet – BGI to POS: Value for Money, Brevity is soul of Trip!

There were more media (Trini, Guyanese & Bajan) than POS or BGI Gov't personnel on hand for the Piarco Press Conference

What is there not to love about REDjet? The almost paperless booking of your flight, just print off an e-confirmation to bring along with your passport, a choice of Digicel outlets or Sure Pay so as to pay for the trip which, going Piarco then returning Grantley Adams Int’l is less than $500 BBD!  $246.82 USD to be precise, as the Thomson twins used to say in Tintin…

Richard Sealy, Tourism Minister of Barbados makes a point to REDjet investor Ralph "Bizzy" Williams at GAIA's VIP lounge by Gate 13

The only problem – if you can call it that, is the swiftness of “Hey Jude” (The Guyana debut was onJacqualicious“) just as the drinks cart arrives & they hand you one beverage then you hear the Captain’s telling you how landing gear is soon ready to extend as they are 12 minutes from Piarco/ Bridgetown, on the way in and on the way back… REDjet is punctual beyond all measure!

Contented traveller with appropriate beverage on RD-203, which is the number of REDjet's 1st official trip to Port Of Spain, eh-eh! LOL

The crew are very chummy and one is from Minnesota, so there is a United Nations kind of camaraderie with the airline. I was actually born in Trinidad, left at 6 months and have not visited since I was 3 – so Piarco is a revelation to me, yet I had a ball! After the Press Conference (Which is very similar to the Barbados end, except more Regional media houses covered the one in Piarco), I walked around the airport and noted how Trinidadians take Art seriously – I saw two Galleries at Piarco.

The menu has been slightly altered, the special is now "Sandwich" instead of "Cutter" which allows for trans-regional reach as opposed to a strictly Bajan lingo

I got both Pepper and Amchar pickled mangoes as well as a TT satchel for my video & audio gear… The lady I bought the utilitarian souvenir from has an interesting spouse, her hubby is related to James Sisnett, Barbados’ oldest centenarian! The bag is canvas, with brass clips and was less than $50 BBD, which you could not get for that price here!

What begins with "F" and ends in "K" and is very exciting with a lot of fluid sloshing about? Firetruck you pervert, this part of the water welcome from POS that RD-203 received, shame on you if you couldn't think of another answer, tsk-tsk!

Unfortunately, Church’s Chicken inside Piarco was closed and KFC is outside the airport so I rather made sure I was nearby for the trip back to Bim!

View of the land of my birth just as I got my Vodka & Black-currant (that is better than Cranberry, try it) and yes, the flight is that short!

One thing I must warn travellers who have not been to the Twin Island Republic in a while – their Customs all need some serious indoctrination with Dale Carnegie on Leadership & Human Relations, the Officers’ attitudes need some major restructuring… They pelt a bin at me and bellow, “SHOES!” (I have to take of my footwear, next thing is fly naked? But Barbados too, except they’re not as badly behaved) I quietly and politely ask if I remove my belt as I did in Barbados and the man glares at me… “NO, IF THE ALARM GOES OFF THEN THE FEMALE OFFICER WILL WANDYOU!

Family of crew along with paying passengers disembark on Trini soil

It sounded positively obscene, I expected a jar of Vaseline to be at hand for the scrutiny, with visions of Shanique Myrie floating in my head, but it was cool the alarm remained mute and the pretty full-figured officer actually smiled at me – maybe I’d enjoy that frisk? I guess this means I just have to fly REDjet again and get the full passenger experience – not that I mind, there’s only everything to look forward to, right? LOL!

Ian Burns (2nd from Left) ensuring all passengers got a sweet Crop Over welcome to Barbados that night

As you see, REDjet’s welcome back to Barbados made up for the lack of “brought-upsy” by Trinidad’s Customs & Excise…

Thank God Robbie Burns came to the region as a Digicel intern - the trip back in 2004 inspired his idea which led to REDjet

Make sure and visit Bajan Reporter’s Video Gallery for the statistics and observations from Minister Sealy & CEO Burns – if you met many a Trini over the long Holiday weekend don’t be surprised, and there’s still Rihanna’s concert on Friday, more Trini in yuh nen-nen, LOL!

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