Mia Mottley Ends Footballers’ Recession – Fitness Assessment from Henderson N. Bovell

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
“I don’t much care where –”
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

Footballers in Barbados found themselves in a very deep hole, similar to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ but of course – that was before Mia Mottley ended their recession. Still, you would think that any such relief would have come from the Government or the Barbados Football Association (BFA). It is therefore crystal clear that Mia Mottley has a vision and that she knows exactly what to do to make things better!!!

Despite Barbados being an allegedly Christian society (so therefore if Lion & Lamb or Road Runner and Wiley Coyote should lay side by side and do as Jesus admonished) nevertheless when folks in Bank Hall recently saw the former Opposition Leader at a fund-raiser rubbing elbows with the Ruling Party's AG, then tongues were a-wagging as to if a new Cabal is forming breaking away from both DEM's & Bees? The possibility when posed to Bush Hall lieutenants was heartily scoffed at...

Had Alice also met Mia Mottley or had she attended the well organised: Splash Pool Party at Holder’s Hill; ‘Dis Gotta Be Mas’ – organised by: The Lyndongrove Foundation or Kadooment Kooldown – organised by Indar Weir and: The Green Live Foundation, she too would have had a better perspective on life and would hardly have displayed such anxiety; doubt and uncertainty, as regards which direction to go.

July and August were therefore remarkable months and just when you though it could not get any better, bang: The concert at Kensington, which followed closely on the heels of an announcement by Mia Mottley of free WIFI across Barbados and then, wham: yet another revolutionary and historic announcement by her, about the launch of a semi-profession football league, which has the blessings of the BFA, and where the first prize money is a massive $100,000; 2nd prize $30,000 and 3rd and 4th prize $20,000.

The former NAB Chairman notes - "I am not a Public Relations Consultant to this project but, as the person who conceptualised Barbados’ wellness revolution; and its retirement training planning and counselling initiative - you must understand my excitement. "

No one will fault you if it has only just occurred to you that Mia Mottley does not do ordinary or that she speaks, ONLY when she has something important to say and that is likely to have a transforming effect on the Barbadian society.

Similar to the address she gave to the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) on September 29th 2010 – where she outlined, what remains – the only credible plan of a new development model for Barbados to-date – free WIFI seems like an attempt to restore and ensure the technological health and advancement of Barbados, while the football announcement seems like an initiative that could assist in promoting good health and wellness and retirement planning and that could also: strengthen relations between communities, across Barbados.

It was also during the month of July that Barbados received the good news that its historic Garrison and Bridgetown Capital City were inscribed on the prestigious UNESCO Heritage List – a journey which started when Mia Motley was then Minister of Culture. It is therefore crystal clear that Mia Mottley continues to be on the right side of history.

Mia Mottley is a remarkable woman; on a remarkable journey, with remarkable ideas. The up-coming Budget seems like an excellent opportunity for the Minister of Finance and the Government, to make a sensible contribute to this remarkable initiative by introducing the revised basket containing nutritious food items and also – were the Government to announce a date for the implementation of a ‘National Wellness Allowance.’ If our country is to truly wrestle chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD’s) to the ground, then footballers – like the entire society – must pay attention to their health/diet, and must also exercise regularly or be motivated to do so. The $100,000 first prize money announced by Mia Mottley seems like a good way to start.

Physically and mentally fit and disciplined footballers, who see themselves as professional and sound role models – will ensure patrons – quality matches, while at the same time, playing (no pun intended) a vital role in strengthening relations between communities, across Barbados.

With it said that players will be given social development tips, as regards giving proper interviews – it does seem that there is also an opportunity for the team winning this tournament, to be featured in a national wellness and active aging promotion, as well as in a national crime prevention campaign, for one year. I have long argued that this is precisely what sports should be about. Not temporary glory or about winning a trophy or championship – but about promotion good health and wellness, healthy active and productive ageing.

Bovell also feels;- "If our country is to truly wrestle chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD’s) to the ground, then footballers - like the entire society - must pay attention to their health/diet, and must also exercise regularly or be motivated to do so. The $100,000 first prize money announced by Mia Mottley seems like a good way to start..."

Alice might have been confused in the Rabbit Hole but the simple reality is that because of our unyielding faith, our passion to serve and our dedication to an honourable cause and in spite of what may seem like impossible odds – it is within our power to do remarkable things or to empower or partner with those who are doing such or know what to do – if given the opportunity. Keep the faith!

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