Mia Mottley: A Constant Reminder that – “Better Is Within View,” all for Constitutional Reform & Candidate for BLP Chair

"Arthur must guard against it being claimed he's thirsty to rule again, and appears desperate to become Prime Minister of Barbados again and at any cost."

  • EDITOR’S NOTE: I was sent this by a member of the Civil Service who obviously cannot reveal their true identity…

The Barbados economy is still in recession and given their haste to form the Government – an Owen-Arthur led BLP calls it a crisis. Mind you, the debt-to-GDP ratio in Japan is said to be some 233% but no “crisis” there. Not even the thought of six different Prime Minister in four years; the recent earthquake; tsunami and potential for radiation – as a result of damaged nuclear reactors – has had that effect on the people of Japan.

In contrast, what seems to be the driving force of the allegation of “crisis” in Barbados, is ‘hubris and a fantasy’ that only one man (and not just any Economist either) can lead Barbados and manage the Barbados economy! But, Barbadians would do well to draw on the lessons of history and plain old Bajan common-sense. There are real reasons why the old-style; slash-and-burn, divisive politics of the past – will no longer work in a modern Barbados. And in many ways (as a people) we can do much better than to allow our country to be held hostage, accidentally.

It has not escaped our attention that Owen Arthur has accused Sinckler of presenting a “Nothing Budget,” but two weeks later, Owen Arthur is still responding to it. Sinckler is clearly setting the agenda. We understand the desperation of the re-cycled BLP leadership to try to pull-down and discredit Finance Minister Christopher Sinckler, even though we do not support that unjustified approach.

Secondly, we do not quite understand how it could be of benefit to either Arthur or the BLP under his watch – that he would be trying so hard to convince Barbadians that it is a sign of weakness (on the part of the Finance Minister) because he (Sinckler) told the country during the recent budget, that he discussed it with the entire Cabinet before he brought it to Parliament. One thing, Sinckler is no dictator!

The DLP’s approach seems like “good governance” to us. In fact, during his recent budget presentation, Prime Minister Stuart told the country that he has full confidence in the ability and competence of Sinckler, as Minister of Finance and we note also that Sinckler was also highly congratulated by the entire DLP Parliamentary Team. It would therefore seem that Arthur’s allegation that the DLP Cabinet has “no-confidence” in Sinckler, is another “false-alarm,” which again raised serious credibility issues on Arthur’s part – Here is Arthur’s take on the matter {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Arthur’s claim he was not present when Cabinet signed off on approving VECO for the provision of the penal facility at Dodds met with copious amounts of derisive laughter from the Ruling Party, eventually the Speaker had to intervene…

"Mia Mottley is clearly a unifying force in Barbados and has the crucial capacity to connect and work effortlessly with all Barbadians, regardless of political perspective. To her credit also, she has already outlined a new economic model for Barbados, which remains the best plan on the table to date."

Mr. Arthur must guard against it being said that he is “power-hungry,” and appears desperate to become Prime Minister of Barbados again and at any cost. There is therefore a grave danger that Barbadians could fall for the notion of ‘instant gratification,’ thereby failing to guard their minds or even think things through carefully. Owen Arthur is no “economic magician!” In fact, in many ways, he may even remind many of, “The Wizard of Oz.” It seems more a question of finding a new; progressive and relevant economic model, than trying to fix what has been in existence since 1966 but which does not now seem capable of fueling Barbados’ development into the future.

There is therefore the serious question of how much of the “alleged” economic growth of the past 14 years, ‘was real’ and how much of it was ‘an illusion’ – created by high levels of borrowing, which resulted in an increase in the national debt. Was it all an illusion? {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Freundel Stuart wasted no time in specifying which dates Arthur would have discussed who built the new jail, and also wondered how Barbados Today got a copy of a Cabinet document, Stuart pointed out Cabinet documents are not allowed to be tabled before the House?

Some will admit that any such recklessness would be at variance with the reality of ‘the heart of Barbados,’ where country-people who worked on Sugar Plantations – used the wages earned in the Crop-Season to buy the ham for Christmas; lumber to repair the house and, to settle the debts they incurred in the “hard-time.” These people were not Economists! It would therefore be reasonable to conclude that during that time of plenty, Owen Arthur should have followed that Bajan common-sense-approach.

Our observation is that: Owen Arthur may have been Prime Minister of Barbados and Minister of Finance for 14 years but Barbados needs a new perspective; a new development model; a fresh energised start and a new politics. Fortunately, the most hopeful sign – that a politician has the right vision; the confidence and is prepared to ask the big and right questions – is coming from Mia Mottley.

She is clearly a uniting force in our country and seems to have the capacity to connect and work effortlessly with all Barbadians, regardless of political perspective. To her credit also, she has already outlined a new economic model for Barbados, which remains the best plan on the table to date. If Barbadians are ready for “The Serious Politics of Development,” they will immediately realise that Mia Mottley has been a constant reminder that better is not only possible but it is within view.

"DONE WID DEM" & "TEK YA DUN AND G'LONG" are two platform slogans Ms Mottley developed - how do these two compare to the single effort of "BETTER CAN BE DONE"??

It has also not gone unnoticed that while Owen Arthur and his lieutenants seem busy trying to tear-down Sinckler and are complaining how bad the recession is and seem to be trying everything possible to wrestle political power from the hands of the people, in contrast – and as one would expect from a true servant of the people – “Mia Mottley is focused on the things that are important to Barbadians” and is busy doing an unmatched job working hard (and in partnership with the people) trying to help even more families and households all across our country – cope with this bitter recession and keep their heads above water.

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  1. Nice try Ian Bourne. This ain’t from no annonymous Civil Servant. From the opening paragraphs, I concluded that this was a plant by you Ian, or Henderson, making a case for Mia Mottley.

    And just as I thought, it was confirmed for me when I got near the end … Quote: .” Fortunately, the most hopeful sign ? that a politician has the right vision; the confidence and is prepared to ask the big and right questions ? is coming from Mia Mottley.”

    Your clear strategy is to ensure that the BLP do not win the coming election, unless MM is the political leader, so that she can come in 2018, as the saviour Knight in shining armour on her white horse. It’s a wicked, devilish strategy, especially from someone who has now claimed the so-called “high road”, but is obviously playing games with both sides of the political divide ….. for whose benefit? Not Barbados’ as claimed, but for MM’s.

    Unadulterated Selfishness, high-handed tomfoolery and attempted political deception …. that’s what it is!

  2. I stand by my source and leave you (Which, Lynette/Raquel/Ricky Barker – Bloggs???) to your own rewards, so Is Owen the only answer? The man who allowed most of the West Coast to be sold like so much pottage? Our anthem really needs revising now… “…are now our very own…“?? Hah!

    Because Mia is open minded enough to truly adopt Obama’s bi-partisanry this is a crime? What is tribalism doing? Tearing an already weakened Barbados further apart! Soon if we ain’t careful, it will be like Jamaica where if you wear the wrong Party colour then you could get beaten, shot or worse?

    Unadulterated Selfishness, high-handed tomfoolery and attempted political deception ?” I believe you cornered the market on it, if I was to open my mouth on how many stories at CBC were quashed or why so many reporters REALLY left under Owen’s regime Bajans jaws would thud to the ground in a collective BOOM! Yet Owen is the saviour? Please…

  3. The higher the monkey becomes AirBourne, the more he show he tail! You punching wild and shadow boxing Ian, cause it look like I touch a RAW, RAW nerve.

    I ain’t none of them decent people name who you call. I am just an interested observer throwing out a sprat to catch a whale (no pun intended) and you swallow hook line and Sinckler!

    I did have a remarkable encounter with you several years ago though, and you need some work. The next time I get close to you, I will introduce myself, and remind you of what I am speaking. In the meantime, fire a coconut water with me, and cool off!


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