Interlace, a full Social Media Solution, for entrepreneurs who need the right push…

Minister of Small Business & Industry, Denis Kellman, recently was visiting the National Trust’s Great House in Wildey – bit of a challenge for parking but this merely ensures punctuality for a better spot – the Minister was on hand for the launch of Interlace

Many ladies attended not only for Networking but to get an idea when they lasso, uh, get their significant others to think of making their bonds more formal by way of Matrimony...

If you are wondering what is Interlace, then here’s a bit from their own website;-

Interlace, the brainchild of Karla Austin and Lucinda Robinson was born out of – wanting somewhere nice to go. It was an idea that rapidly developed into our Showcase event, where we provide a medium for our peers to network, build a loyal client base and enjoy a good cocktail in an intimate, contemporary setting.

If your nuptials are set for the shoreline (as were mine almost 12 years ago), or if your spouse is in the Navy - then Belles & Beaux can make sure there is a variation of a maritime setting!

Whether it was the economic crisis or the desire to be the proprietors of their own business, Karla and Lucinda found that many of their peers were supplementing their income with startup businesses and professional services outside of a regular 9 to 5. These young entrepreneurs while full of enthusiasm and commitment to their new business enterprises very often lacked the time, and crucially the finances to take their ventures to the next level. Interlace had found its target market.

Lucinda actually paused long enough to express her gratitude the Minister could take time from his packed schedule and give the Opening Address for the launch of the key enterprise for assisting young Bajans.

The company then evolved from a monthly physical networking event, into building an online community where persons could take advantage of a cost effective technology package, including website / blog construction, content management and social media support service…

Minister Kellman’s own views did not stray too far from Interlace as you can gather from the text of his speech;-

In familiarizing myself with your company, I have observed that you are a young company, a small business and networking enterprise. Interlace was established less than one year ago, and at a time when countries are experiencing the worse and most prolonged recession the world has ever seen. My take on that is that you saw an opportunity and decided to use it not only for yourself, but as a platform to assist others. In that way, you were well on your way to achieving your goal to build a community of entrepreneurs.

Interlace Inc. is a small business and it is widely believed that the establishment of small businesses is not only an outcome of recessionary times, but they tend to thrive in such an environment and become the engines of growth in the economy. That is not surprising since the overheads are less, and the individual wage bills are smaller. The impact therefore comes by way of their numbers and the uniqueness of their appeal.

I am sure that you have heard many stories of how persons were forced to use a particular skill with which they were endowed to earn a living when they were made redundant by the firm with which they worked for many years. The skill may have been seen as just a hobby, but now it is worth a livelihood.

As a networking enterprise, you are cultivating something that needs to be encouraged in Barbadian society. If one has a product or service to be sold, he or she needs a market. Therefore, John Public needs to hear about the product or service and networking is one of the avenues to be utilized.

This beautiful new spouse spoke glowingly of the service she received from Belles & Beaux the company Interlace was highlighting...

But networking is not only a marketing tool, it is a forum that allows for the sharing of information and experiences which assist in the area of problem solving. Networking also fosters mentoring as those with certain areas of expertise are on hand to give much needed advice.

I note with interest that the first enterprise to be featured is Belles and Beaux Exclusive Events. This entrepreneur gives credence to what I said earlier – she took a skill for which she had a passion and turned it into a successful business, that of event planning, specializing in the area of wedding planning. I do not know what pulled Ms. Chadderton to this area of planning, probably it was the fact that when one thinks of a wedding, one thinks of love, and love is said to be the thing that makes the world go round.

I commend Belles and Beaux on their vision and enterprising spirit and assure you and other small businesses in Barbados that the Ministry of Industry, Small Business and Rural Development stands ready to assist you in whatever way it can. Through the Small Business Development Unit there is technical support is available. Through Fund Access, there is financing for micro businesses. The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation can assist in the area of training and the packaging of your products and services.

When we think of weddings, we cannot help but think of fashion and this is an area for which assistance is offered.

Belles & Beaux Exclusive Events obviously pride themselves on Table settings, we'd also like to see how Grooms and Brides would get bedecked too, maybe another showcase?

Things like the development of portfolios, management diagnostics are just a few of the services available. You are encouraged to use the facilities that have been created to support your efforts and to help you grow your businesses. This is all built on the premise that if you succeed, Barbados succeeds.

We got a chance that evening to speak with Renato Sealy, who is Director of Design, but that evening he doubled as Photographer, please forgive the tree frogs squeaking on the background – I understand this is nothing compared to Puerto Rico’s tree frogs, and Ricans call theirs “Coquitos“…

Renato explains how Interlace can assist young business people how to start developing their own companies {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

A 12 step programme which focuses on providing Business Development, Graphic Design, Marketing and Information Technology solutions and advice. This includes Technical, Graphic Design and Marketing web support with regard to creating and maintaining corporate profiles on and social media websites as well as corporate website development and content management.

Once the client is accustomed to the concept of being their own boss, Interlace takes a next step forward in helping them get accustomed to dealing with customers {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Renato explains how the new company is highlighted in their monthly exclusive events, during which a single business owner will display, demonstrate and promote their products and services to strategic demographic segments.

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