Barbados Free Press refuses to answer Bajan Reporter’s questions on Norwegian Massacre, former fan reviles BFP

Dear BFP,

No it's not a Prussian officer nor Goebbels - Does his influence look like the following? "Where did Breivik find his inspiration? According to him: The Koran."

In your article of August 6th titled ‘What is the definition of Victory in the Afghanistan war?” you made reference to the Norweigan bombers inspiration being the Koran.

But what was the purpose of his attacks? What did Breivik say about what inspired him? In his 1500 page manifesto he laid out exactly what his strategy was, where he found his inspiration, and what the steps were in his path to violence that started in the early 1990?s.

Where did Breivik find his inspiration? According to him: The Koran.”

I’m not sure if you have read all 1500 pages, I sure haven’t, but it seems that others have and they seem to find NO reference to the Koran being the motive for his atrocities.

Others have recognized some names.

Curious is the fact that one of Breivik’s favorite personalities seems to be Pamela Geller of the blog Atlas Shrugged whom you so often quote and link to.

I have written to you before on this. Apparently I got the address wrong or something?

Interesting that Mr. Ian Bourne asks when you will cover the story of a right-wing Christian terrorist and your response appears to be fabrication/falsification and linking to You Tube videos apparently made by individuals rather than an accredited news source.

Do you personally have a stake in inter-religious fighting or just post this kind of tripe for page-hits?

Are you trying to be the Fox News of Barbados with your “fair and balanced reporting” because just like Fox News it seems to be anything but.

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