Agriculture Minister of Barbados decides to throw in gauntlet for post of DLP’s General Secretary

Dear Comrade

Re: The Office of General Secretary

"I have full understanding of the political, economic and social impact of Government’s public sector investment programs (Housing, Energy, Public works, Civil Service, Tourism, International Transport, Agriculture, Water Resources and Sanitation)"

Our great Party (DLP) will be engaged in a very difficult General Election in the very near future, I do not have to tell you that it will require the Cabinet, the Parliamentary Group and the Party apparatus to be working in harmony to ensure a victory. It is very important given the economic environment in Barbados that the political voice of the Party and that of the Government be orchestrated into one voice to give the electorate hope of a better Barbados to come.

If we are unable to give the average Barbadian hope of a better economy, an ease regarding their direct and indirect taxes, improved amenities in the vicinity of their homes, better social services: general roads, heath care, housing for the lower income group along with a more efficient public infrastructure we will not win the next General Election.

It is with this in view that I am contesting The Office of General Secretary. In my opinion, and according to feedback from Party Faithful {the rank and file especially}, plus the wider public, at this time, the Party’s political voice is largely silent. Continually on radio programmes we hear that the public is losing trust in the party and its ability to influence society. The Party at this stage has very little capacity to mobilize the voters and its card-carrying members. My personal observation is also that some of our Branches are not meeting, the Zonal structure is dysfunctional and therefore our Party is displaying considerable weaknesses when we should be at our strongest.

Comrade, I have a strong relationship with the people of Barbados and my ability to mobilize the public is unquestionable. It is the mobilization of the Public and giving them hope of a better Barbados under a DLP government that will be the critical issue in the next General Election.

I understand the economic issues confronting this country as I have strong competencies in economics. Also, as a member of the Infrastructure Committee of the Cabinet, I have full understanding of the political, economic and social impact of Government’s public sector investment programs (Housing, Energy, Public works, Civil Service, Tourism, International Transport, Agriculture, Water Resources and Sanitation).

Therefore I am in a good position to sensitize and educate the public and to give them hope of a better Barbados.

I also note with compassion, that there is a lot of anger and frustration among the Party’s Rank and File. Given the opportunity to serve as General Secretary, I shall not ignore this. It must be addressed regardless of the given economic situation, which has placed a measure of hardship and uneasiness especially upon this level of our own team. I had the experience of being General Secretary between 2001 and 2004 and I am confident that I can use the skills of the Elders and the Young Democrats to reinvigorate the Zones and the Branches of the Democratic Labour Party.

The Prime Minister holds a Party Office. Several Ministers hold Party Offices. However, your concern in relation to my election to office of General Secretary while simultaneously serving as Minister is admirably noted and appreciated. Let me reassure that my competencies, skills and tenacious support team will enable me to successfully perform the tasks given by the Prime Minister and President.

My goal is shared with my colleagues and that is to win the next General Election with the Party. If we do not win none of us will hold Ministerial Office irrespective of whom we support. Therefore, Let us in good faith, continue good governance and use this time to use our skills efficiently and effectively in helping the Democratic Labour Party to steer the ship of State safely out of these perilous waters, and to win the next General Election.

I am therefore asking you for your vote for the post of General Secretary at the upcoming Annual General Conference, and pledge, if successful, to work in unison with any, and all Members for the continued success of this Great Party!


Dr. David C Estwick BSc MB.BS MP

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