Tim May, Chief Executive of the Federation of International Cricketers Associations (FICA) has clarified FICA’s positioning regarding MCC’s proposal to encourage players to take lie detector tests in an effort to fight corruption within the game.

' -- The testing is far from foolproof – that’s why its not allowed to convict people in a court of law...'

May stated “It is FICA’s strong position that the use of lie detectors as a means of determining the guilt or innocence of a player in matters relating to corruption on any practice for that matter is to be rejected outright.

I commend MCC and Steve Waugh for trying to be proactive in the fight against corruption, but lie detector tests are far from foolproof and not permissible as a means of determining peoples guilt or innocence in the courts of the majority if not all cricketing territories.

It is therefore totally unacceptable that players should be put under pressure to submit to testing that is far from foolproof. To publicly request players to makesome stand against corruption, by submitting to thisimperfecttesting is irresponsible and FICA will oppose such actions in the strongest possible manner.

The testing is far from foolproof – that’s why its not allowed to convict people in a court of law.

It’s a no win situation for the players – they quite rightly should decline to submit to one – the testing is not foolproof, the players are not under suspicion for any corruption offence but now with the MCC publicly encouraging them to submit to one, if the player refuses, it looks like he is hiding something.

FICA is committed to rid the game of corruption, but it will not stand by and have players subjected to a testing technique that has the propensity to churn out incorrect conclusions.

Penalties applied to breaches of the ICC Anti Corruption Code are significant – we will not allow fallible testing techniques convict an innocent player of corruption practices just because he was shown to have high stress levels in testing.

May confirmed that he has written to the MCC to address this matter in a responsible manner

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  1. Polygraph advocate Steve Waugh – Guardian reporter David Hopps in a story published by the Sydney Morning Herald notes that former Australia cricket team captain Steve Waugh is advocating the use of lie detectors in an attempt to root out corruption in the scandal-plagued sport. Excerpt; ANDREW Strauss and Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be encouraged to help stamp out corruption in cricket by taking lie-detector tests as the uses the occasion of the 2000th Test match to step up its campaign to clean up the game..The controversial proposal is the brainchild of former Australia captain Steve Waugh who wants leading captains such as Strauss and Dhoni to act as ambassadors and role models by voluntarily putting their reputations on the line..But the proposal is not supported by the Australian Cricketers Association because lie-detector tests are not admissible in court..I applaud Steve Waugh for looking at creative and proactive ways to deal with corruption but we wouldnt support the use of polygraphs at this point in time ACA chief executive Paul Marsh said.


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