Vampires cannot become real, a new way to combat mosquitoes offers possible prevention?

It seems scientists looking to eradicate malaria from diseases which plague this planet may have indirectly discovered a way to prevent Nosferatu or even a Dhampyr from truly happening – if your name is Van Helsing you may want to do Balki’s Dance Of Joy… If you are a Fangbanger or like reading Charlaine Harris or watch HBO then this is not exactly thrilling news.

"... Scientists have found a type of bacteria that kills off the mosquito that carries malaria. That's good news. The way the bacteria works means it could also be used to make sure there is never a plague of vampires..."

It seems researchers found a little virus which is anathema to the corpuscle gobbling insects which transfer malaria from one human to another;-

Wolbachia is a bacteria that preys on insects. It is not carried by the type of mosquito that carries the malaria parasite. Scientists guessed that it might be fatal to this type of mosquito, and infected them with two different strains of Wolbachia, hoping for a way to kill off the carriers to stop the spread of the disease. The bacteria spread quickly, and even seemed to manipulate the mosquitos’ immune systems to give itself the run of the insect’s body. What’s more, it inhibited the growth of malaria in the insects. But they didn’t seem to die. They sucked down the sugar that the scientists provided them quite happily, and lived quite healthily. Then they were fed blood, and died in a day.

Not only does this bacteria seem like a good way or reducing the amount of mosquitos that feed on blood, it actively prevents a mosquito from dining on infected blood, and then moving on and infecting another person. This could be a good way to keep the spread of malaria under control.

How does this biological warfare earn a status worthy of attention from Buffy, Hannibal King et al?

Movies have shown that vampires need a stake to the heart, a bullet to the base of the brain, sunlight, or getting their heads ripped off in order to kill them. They’re fast, strong, and tough to pin down. This might be an entirely new way of preventing a vampire apocalypse. All they need is to infect humanity with this bacteria, let it live harmlessly in our guts while we eat sugar, and then if any of us are turned into vampires and make our first kill blammo

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