Indar Went Kooldown

Indar Weir holds a “FREE” Kadooment Kooldown, Skeetes Bay Beach, August 2nd from 11 -11

Indar Weir holds a “FREE” Kadooment Kooldown, Skeetes Bay Beach, August 2nd from 11 -11

Indar Went Kooldown

In its noble quest to help Barbadians “keep body and soul together,” while promoting good health and wellness and the positives of local Culture and Talent – The Green Life Foundation (a Registered Charity) will be hosting its much anticipated annual Beach Lime: “Kadooment Kooldown & Beach Lime,” on August 2nd at the Skeetes Bay Beach, St. Philip – from 11:00 a.m., until 11:00 p.m.

This class act, which will feature both live entertainment and DJ Music – is an event for the entire family. Come and treat your body to sumptuous food and refreshing cold beverages. You will find Skeetes Bay, aesthetically and environmentally pleasing and extremely relaxing.

(CLICK FOR BIGGER) These are some of the people making Kadooment Kooldown happen: Banks Beer; Mount Gay Rum; Mackeson Sout; Bico Ice Cream; Indar Weir Graphics; Bajantube; iNerd Designs; Johnnie Walker Black; Indar Weir Travel Centre; Crucial Productions Inc; Slam 101.1 FM; Starcom Network & Polly Chemical Toilet Rentals Limited

The best of Crop – Over 2011 will also be there and if you have not yet heard: Red Plastic Bag; Lil Rick/Rick Minaj, Gorg, John & Nard; Biggie Irie; Statement; Adrian Clarke; Peter Ram/ Peter Ross and Mr. Dale – or want to hear and see them in person, Skeetes Bay on August 2nd is where you ought to be. This unbelievable entertainment package is: absolutely free, but food and drinks will be on sale.

You might have heard about Limes but have you ever heard about a “Beach Lime” where the best DJ’s in Barbados, like: DJ Rebel; NRG; DJ Bob; Hypasquad; Guerilla Sounds; Power Serg; A.O.N Soundz; Energy Vybz and more – will be available to entertain and make you happy?

A delightful twelve hours of pure fun – “Kadooment Kooldown and Beach Lime,” at Skeetes Bay Beach on August 2nd from 11 -11, is a wonder opportunity for you to recharge your batter; refocus your mind and plan your next move, having been re-energised.

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