Go see Rihanna at Cave Hill – as if painted by Goya… {PG 13, Language and Sexual Situations} “Breadfruit & Bakes” until 29th July 2011 only?

When last we looked at the young gal from Westbury Road, we learned how two diverse personalities felt Rihanna is hot stuff – Dr DeLisle Worrell of the Central Bank and founder of Axses Communications, John Gibbs – yet it’s the Central Bank Governor who while supportive of Rihanna recognises how she is a role model and therefore such influence means responsibility to a point…

Apparently she tweeted she’s not a parent so don’t expect her to mind children and that is for the adults out there to do… Nonsense, what a cop out! I do recall at CBC when some editors expected me to be an Anchor 24/7 but I expected financial compensation for such strict limits – of course the matter was dropped, yet even so when I did let my hair down on off duty time I did not have a dwarf female se-therapist prance around me, nor when I tweet nowadays do I do this {SEE BELOW}?

"The 23-year-old is no youngster anymore; it's all smeared lipstick -- just one of the visuals on screen -- cleavage, legs that hypnotize and a mean walk in stilettos from here on out."

However, when people complained of Rihanna in jeans & bathing suit at Rockley when her career just began? That was stupid. When people complain of her swigging Corona beer {who may well be a sponsor}? That is Stupid! Further? When people made a furore over her doing the Man Down video where her character, not sheRihanna, personally – assassinates a dude for raping this role she portrayed? This is beyond stupid!! If folks were concerned she gave a veiled threat to Chris Brown for his abuse in February 2009, a la Basic Instinct?

That while not stupid, is nevertheless understandable, after what she endured and she is now apparently chatting with Mr Brown again – it can’t hurt to let him know, do NOT mess up again … or else!!!

As for Mr Brown, it seems he will not be relegated to “mixtape history” as he once feared… As certain pundits forecast, he appears to be regaining ground with fans once more?

Some experts predicted that despite all his bad press, Brown would eventually be forgiven once he came out with great music similar to songs that made him successful in the first place such as “Run It.” As of today, those experts appear to be right.

Four months after “F.A.M.E” was released, the album continues to sell. Two songs from the album are in the top 50 on I-tunes this week. “She Ain’t You,” “Yeah 3X” and “Look At Me Now” have received airplay on Top 40 stations across the United States. Brown also managed to get huge stars such as Ludacris, Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne to collaborate with him on some of his latest songs.

With over 13.9 million fans on Facebook and over 3.5 million followers on Twitter, Brown’s fan base appears to be growing. Just last week, Brown performed on NBC’s “Today” show as part of the summer concert series.

By the way, it’s not just me who feels Rihanna has coprolalia, check this item from The Boombox;-

Rihanna curses, a lot. During her Loud tour stop, at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J. Thursday night (July 21), the fiery-haired hotbox, who was accompanied by opener J. Cole spitting cuts like ‘In the Morning‘ and ‘Blow Up,’ let out more than one expletive as she addressed the crowd. “Hey, Jersey, put your f—–‘ hands up,” she commanded, after floating out onto the stage in a metal sphere, performing ‘Only Girl in the World.’ Later in her set, she shouted another with, “I wanna hear you sing this s—.”

Is it that Barbados wants to keep her a child forever? I don’t think so… You can relax and be yourself without losing class and yet still be controversial if that is one’s purpose – much like this Web Magazine, we seek to be or do the unusual without losing sight that foreigners may pass here and do… Or that young people still read here despite our warnings!

Another place where I feel a fuss is made over nothing with the Cawmerian lass is her “S&M” video, BET indicates it’s very likely how a lawsuit may be forthcoming;-

Rihanna has another rude boy to deal with, and it’s not the kind she likes. High-profile photographer and music video director David LaChapelle has been given the green light to sue the pop singer by a district court in New York. His claim? That Rihanna’s controversial video for “S&M” ripped off some of his original photographs.

Why is it HER fault? Shouldn’t her PRODUCERS have checked all the legal quagmires? Luckily the court was not totally anal in slapping a decision down;-

…the judge dismissed RiRi’s “unavailing” fair use defense, she also dismissed LaChapelle’s other claims, including trade dress violation and unfair competition claims.

Back here in Barbados, at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination – Graham Gill has returned with Dustin Harewood and this time they collaborated with Ras Akyem for “Breadfruit & Bakes” in an all too short run which concludes this Friday 29th? Why?

"This is the only surviving example of a female nude by Velázquez. The subject was rare in Spain because it met with the disapproval of the Church." LONDON's NAT'L GALLERY

More importantly what does Graham Gill have to do with this item on Rihanna? Well those of you who are familiar with classical painting will recall Spanish artist Francisco Goya and one of his more famous canvasses is the “Naked Maja” while Graham Gill’s own acrylic rendition may have a similarity, it is more redolent of the “Rokeby Venus” from Velasquez…

{"ROBYN" - GRAHAM GILL, ACRYLIC} Some call her "Ri-Ri" or "Robyn" her full name is 'Robyn Rihanna Fenty' and she has been near-naked or almost naked to many's consternation (incl. mine) but here she is represented as fully naked and yet it is the most tasteful I've ever seen her? (CLICK FOR BIGGER)

In this stunning tableau, Rihanna has been referred to by her real name of Robyn in this huge portrait at Cave Hill – you need to see it yourself and fast, maybe you can persuade the Faculty to let the show run longer? A more detailed analysis of the show by Tuesday… Hopefully Bajans will not find anything to complain about? That is probably like betting as to if the sun would rise in the West for a change?

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